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Worcester's Results from 11-18-2023

On Saturday, November 18, 2023, boxing returned to Union Station in Worcester, Massachusetts for a total of 6 professional boxing bouts.   This event, “New England’s Future 14” was promoted by Rivera Promotions Entertainment.  For the main event Irvin Gonzalez of Worcester, Massachusetts had a quick victory against Rodolfo Hernandez of Mexico at 24 seconds of round 1 when Irvin went to the body and dropped Venable to the canvas and Gonzalez got the KO victory and increased to 16-5-0 and Hernandez 30-16-1.

Co-Main - Junior Welterweights – 6 Rounds.  Fan favorite from Bridgeport, Connecticut, Oscar Bonilla had a nonstop busy action bout against Ryan “Outlaw” Venable of Virginia as they fought for the vacant USBF Championship belt.   The entire bout was very fast paced as both fighters didn’t waste any time letting their hands go with a high punch count.   Venable at times is fighting a bit awkward and sometimes even toying with Oscar.   Round 3,  Venable went to the canvas and received the count.   Round 6, fans are cheering “Oscar”.   It’s an all-out brawl.   Fighters are both getting exhausted but continued to keep letting their hands go and clashing heads. 57-57; 58-55 and 60-53 for Bonilla and the new champ.   Oscar increased to 10-3-2, 1 Ko and Venable 4-18-0. 

Super Middleweights – 6 Rounds.   Laurent Humes of Springfield, MA kept his perfect record against Leonardo Ladeira of Brazil.  Both fighters are about same height, while Humes as always fit and muscular. Ladeira has good defense.   Not an all-out fast paced bout but during round 3, Ladeira went to one knee from a body shot and the fight was called off at 1:51. Humes increased to 10-0-0 10 Kos and Ladeira 4-9-0.

Lightweights – 6 Rounds.   Carlos Gonzalez of Holyoke, Massachusetts was again victorious against Marcello Williams of Brazil.  Carlos the shorter of the two fighters.   Carlos jabbing his way in but not letting his hands go.  Carlos is avoiding Williams punches well.   At the end of round 2 Williams received a standing 8 count after Carlos unleashed a multitude of punches.  Round 3 Williams is throwing wild punches.  Carlos putting the pressure on Williams and still has great defense with his eye on his opponent.   Round 4, Carlos is controlling the bout.  Towards the end of the round Gonzalez almost knocked down Williams, but Williams stood his ground. Round 6, started off with both fighters letting their hands go but it ended up with a unanimous decision in favor of Gonzalez.  The judges scored the bout 60-51; 60-53 and 60-53 for Gonzalez.  Gonzalez increased to 8-0-0 and Williams 4-20-1.


Junior Welterweights – 4 Rounds.  Ian Garcia of Springfield, Massachusetts took on Anthony Mora of New Britain, Connecticut. Garcia’s fans came out to cheer on Garcia.    Mora started off strong trying to back up Garcia and came to fight.   The fans are on their feet and never sat down.   Garcia being the quicker of the two fighters.   Round 2 Both fighters going to body head and both want this victory.   Garcia doesn’t seem phased by Mora’s punches.   Round 3 the action slowed down compared to Round 2 as we got into round 4  the fighters are going at a slower pace. By the end of the bout it is whoever wants it as they both are getting tired.   After 4 rounds and no knockdowns the judges scored the bout   39-37 for Garcia; 38-37 for Mora and 38-38 we got a draw.   Garcia is now 3-0-2, 2 Kos and Mora 2-1-1.


Middleweights – 6 Rounds - Eslih Owusu of Worcester, Massachusetts took on Alfred Raymond of Warwick, RI.    Owuso kept his guard up and kept coming forward while Raymond was circling around Owuso and his guard wasn’t as tight to his body as Owuso.  Round 3 the action picked up and Owuso landed a body shot and Raymond went to one knee.  All the fans loved it.  Owuso is trying to end the bout.   Round 4, Owuso kept the pressure on Raymond and down went Raymond again due to a body shot.  The referee called off the bout at .37 seconds and Owuso was victorious by KO.   Owuso increased to 11-1-0, 6 Kos and Raymond went the other way 1-7-2.


Jake Paradise fight didn’t happen.  

Photo's by Boxing Northeast/Vinny Scolpino.






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