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Vendetti Upsets Williams in Hartford.

The scheduled 10 round main event was exciting between Jimmy “The Quiet Storm” Williams of New Haven, CT and Greg Vendetti of Stoneham, MA, for the vacant WBC USNBC Silver Super Welterweight. Vendetti kept trying to back up Williams against the rope to unleash his inner boxer with a multitude of punches. While Williams tried to keep off Vendetti with the jab. Williams having a tough chin didn’t go down. By the end of round 10 both fighters wanted the ko but with no knockdowns the judges scored the bout 97-93 Vendetti, 96-94 Williams and 99-91 Vendetti. Vendetti increased to 23-4-1, 12 Kos and Williams decreases to 18-6-2, 6 Kos. . Featherweights Nathan Martinez of New Britain hasn’t fought in 2 years and didn’t look like he had any ring rust when he fought Francisco Dominguez of Mexico in a 6 round bout. The action started off early with it being and forth with Nathan landing the majority. Round 5 Nathan continuously went for the body head trying to bring him down to the canvas. The fans wanted to see it also but Dominguez is a tough fighter that doesn’t go down easily. After a full 6 rounds the judges scored the bout all for Martinez 60-54 by UD. Martinez increases to 7-1, 2 kos and Dominguez 7-12-1, 1 ko. The co-main event, middleweights, Chordale Booker of Stamford, Connecticut fought veteran Silveiro Ortiz of Yucatan, Mexico. The bout went the distance of all 8 rounds. This is the 1st time Booker fought in his home state. Booker looking trim in a southpaw stance while backing up Ortiz with the jab. Ortiz not giving Booker any trouble in the ring. By round 3, Booker going to the body and Ortiz had a point deducted for hitting behind the head. Round 6 Booker landed a great uppercut that startled Ortiz. Booker during round 7 got hit with a low blow and Ortiz got another point deducted. Referee Danny Schiavone doesn’t mess around. Ortiz for the most part starts the round by continuously coming out of the corner like a football player and goes directly to the body each time. Booker wins by UD, 80-70, 80-70 and 80-70. Booker increased to 17-0, 7 kos and Ortiz 37-28, 18 kos. Super bantamweight, Angel Gonzalez of Hartford met up against Juan Gabriel Medina of the Dominican Republic. Gonzalez looking great in the ring with quick hands and moving his body well as he is working the jab. By Round 3, Angel cutting off the ring well and trying to back up Medina against the corner/rope. After round 4 of scheduled 6 rounds, Medina quit at the stool and Gonzalez won by TKO. Gonzalez increased to 6-0, 4 kos and Medina 12-8, 11 kos. Ramon Caraballo of New Britain stepped in the ring for the 1st time as a pro boxer against Montreal’s Samuel Lajoie-Dery of Canada. Both fighters started off with letting their hands go. Ramon already has a cut under his left eye. Round 2 Ramon dropped Samuel with a left. Round 3 Samuel was dropped again. Every time Samuel gets dropped he comes alive again. Ramon presses on with body head. Round 4 both fighters pressed on while both had thrown their fair share of lefts/rights. After 4 rounds the judges scored the bout 38-36; 38-36 and 38-37 all in favor of Ramon. Ramon increased to 1-0 and Samuel 1-1, 1 ko. Super lightweight Carlos Perez of New Haven, Connecticut controlled the action against Tyriek Gainey of Paterson, NJ, who made his pro debut. Perez who hasn’t been in the ring since 2019 won the 4 round bout. All 3 judges scored the same 40-36 in favor of Perez. Perez increased to 2-0 and Gainey 0-1.


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