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Undefeated lightweight prospect Jamaine Ortiz "The Technician" in and out of the ring

WORCESTER, Mass. (February 15, 2021) - Undefeated lightweight prospect Jamaine "The Technician" Ortiz (14-0, 8 KOs) truly lives up to his nickname in and out of the ring as a skilled boxer, union carpenter, and much more. Fighting out of Worcester, Massachusetts, the poised beyond his years Ortiz is making waves in the loaded lightweight division, especially after his scintillating 8th round knockout of Sulaiman Segawa (13-3-1, 4 KOs), who had never been stopped, last November on the Tyson-Jones, Jr. PPV card for the vacant World Boxing Council (WBC) USNBC (U.S) Silver lightweight title. Ortiz, who is a former WBC Youth World lightweight titlist, has moved up in ratings to No. 5 by the North American Boxing Federation (NABF), as well as No. 31 in the WBC world lightweight rankings. Ortiz' apt nickname, "The Technician", came out of a conversation between Jamaine and a good friend from Worcester, retired 2-division world champion Jose Antonio Rivera, a few years ago when they were training with their strength-and-conditioning coach in Boston. "Right away," Ortiz said, "I thought it made sense. People were telling me I needed a nickname like all boxers and 'The Technician" fits my style. Right away, I knew it would be my nickname, because a technician cares about his craft like I do in and out of the ring. I'm very technical in everything I do." In 2015, Ortiz because a New England-based union carpenter, although he hasn't been working often lately due to his rising boxing career. Ortiz noted his work as a carpenter helped his conditioning for boxing by using his muscles to carry tools and wood. "Being a technician is second nature to me," Ortiz explained. "I need to cut on the line in finished carpentry. Even if it's only one-eighth of an inch off, it's a big deal, and the same in boxing. I need to be at the right distance from my opponent and it has to be fluid: timing, distance and measurement. 'The Technician' is self-explanatory. It is who I am - very skilled in my craft! And boxing is the Sweet science." Ortiz, however, isn't your typical boxer. He is focused on his boxing career, but he has other interests as well. In the past, he talked about going to medical school to become a doctor or medical researcher, but his construction work as a carpenter led him to real estate, and now he's into finance. "As a kid I was always involved in being everything and anything I could," Ortiz remarked. "I have settled on what I'm really good at right now and that's in the ring. Boxing is No. 1! In the future, after boxing, I may go to medical school, but I've ben spending a lot of time trading and investing. When I retire from boxing, I may get a license to be a financial advisor and start 'The Technician Brokerage' to help athletes invest in the market so they have money after they retire from their sport. "I have a mentor who I've learned from in real estate. I bought a three-decker (house) a few years ago as an investment and I've done well. I've learned that cash flow is most important, making money while I sleep, as they say. I'm just doing what comes naturally." "Jamaine is in the gym and still training hard to keep fit for his next fight," Ortiz co-manager Dick Shappy added. "So far, he seems to be weathering the storm. He is anxious to get out there and show the world that he is the real deal and given the opportunity, he will prove that he is a force to be reckoned with boxing's best at the highest levels." Jamaine Ortiz is "The Technician" with tremendous upside in the ring and business. And remember, he's only 24 years old, yet he's still learning every day about boxing and life to prepare for his future.


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