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Undefeated heavyweight Quintin Sumpter prepared 2 shock the boxing world August 6th

Undefeated heavyweight Quintin Sumpter prepared to shock the boxing world Aug. 6 on Jake Paul-Hasim Rahman, Jr. undercard at MSG

Quintin Sumpter (R) ready to breakout in Big Apple

(pictures by Emily Harney / Fightography)

QUINCY, Mass. (July 21, 2022) – Undefeated Pittsfield (MA) heavyweight Quintin Sumpter (5-0, 3 KOs heavyweight is preparing to shock the boxing world August 6th when he fights Jeremiah “Dream Land” Milton (5-0, 4 KOs) ) on the Jake Paul-Hasim Rahman, Jr. undercard, at famed Madison Square Garden in New York City.

“This fight can propel my career,” Sumpter said. “It can be life changing. I know that I need to be a dog on August 6th. I want to show people who don’t know me what I am. It’s surreal. I’m going to shock the world!”

Sumpter was born and grew up in New York City, Brooklyn to be exact, before moving to go to college in 2006. Returning home to fight at arguably the most famous boxing venue in the world, along with gaining added exposure because he’s’ fighting on the Jake Paul platform, is a tremendous opportunity for him.

“Unexplainable,” Sumpter initially responded to a question about fighting at MSG. “So many big fights have been at Madison Square Garden. I never thought that I’d be able to show my talent there. I never really thought I’d fight at Madison Square Garden.

“Whether you agree on not, Jake Paul is a boxer once he steps into the iron ring, and he is bringing a lot of attention to boxing.”

“When the opportunity was presented to Quintin and his trainer,” Granite Chin Promotions president Chris Traietti remarked, “they jumped on it. Quintin has developed that AAA mentality (anyone, anytime, anyplace) that separates him from the pack. In his 6th pro fight, regardless of the outcome – I have all the confidence in the world he is going to win – he has accomplished more than 90-percent of the people who turn pro in New England. He is the type of guy that makes a promoter’s job easy. He can fight and he wants to fight, real fights, not these fluff fights like so many others want to boost their fragile egos on social media. I’m proud of him and after August 6th, the boxing world is going to know who Quintin Sumpter is.”

The 6’ 0”, 220-pound Sumpter will be much smaller, physically speaking, than the 6’ 4”, 230 lbs. Milton, who was a defensive end on Northeastern State University’s football team. Sumpter, however, doesn’t care if he’s fighting at a size disadvantage against Milton.

“I’m not really concerned,” Sumpter spoke about being smaller than Milton. “I train with people a lot bigger than him. I’m light on my feet and move well. I’m not concerned with him. Once we step into the ring, he has to deal with me.”

Sumpter vs. Milton is scheduled for 6 rounds.


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