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Tyrone Luckey Feeling Lucky and Gets the Upset Against Pagan

The main event which was originally the co-main when Oscar Bonilla’s fight was cancelled. In ring was southpaw, Wilfredo Pagan of Southbridge, Massachusetts against a ready Tyrone Luckey of New Jersey. The welterweights had a scheduled 6 round bout. This was a tight in the pocket fight with Pagan’s head comin in 1st. This was evenly matched fight, with both fighters wanting the win. In round 3, Tyon landed a left and Pagan gets the count. Tyron came out of the neutral corner letting his hands go on Pagan. Pagan missed on Tyrone and Tryone took advantage of the miss and countered and down went Pagan. Referree Tom Clark started the count and called off the bout at 1:31 and the NEW USBF Welterweight champ is now Luckey. Pagan decreased to 7-2-2, 4 kos and Lucky with the TKO victory is now 16-18-4.

Co-Main Event – Super Middleweights – Scheduled 6 Rounds - Laurent Humes of Springfield, MA against 36 year old, Ronald Montes of Columba with his sneakers on. Humes started off fighting with his left down low. Round 1, Montes didn’t do much in the ring. Humes mostly doing a jab or a 1 2. Montes seems that he’s being patient on Humes waiting for that moment to pounce. During round 3, Montes left shoulder came out of the socket and Montes is in pain. Both Dr’s quickly attended to Montes and the bout was stopped. Humes increased to 6-0, 6 Kos and Montes 19-18-1

Junior Welterweight – 6 Rounds for the CT Superlight Weight State Title – Anuel Rosa of New Haven, CT the younger of the two fighters, with his opponent being 42 years old, Maycon Oller of Orange, California. Oller is taking the punishment from Rosa while keeping his guard up well. Rosa doing the body/head approach. Luis Rosa, from the corner, telling Rosa to go to the body body. Round 4 Oller is taking some punishment and picked up Rosa off his feet. Oller’s nose is bleeding bad and the referee, Tom Clark called off the fight after Dr. Lou Dunkin’s advice. Rosa increased to 5-0, 3 kos Oller deceased to 1-8.

Cruiserweights – 6 Rounds – Demek Edmonds of Worcester, MA only went 2 of the scheduled 6 rounds against Leonardo Ladiera of Brazil. Edmonds controlling the rounds while feeling out his opponent. After round 2, Ladiera was breathing heavy in the corner. At the start of round 3, Ladiera didn’t come out and referee Kevin Hope stopped the bout. Edmonds gets the TKO victory and is the USBF Champ. Congrats to Edmonds on your belt. Edmonds increased to 7-0, 6 Kos and Ladeira decreased to 2-7

Junior Middleweights – 4 Rounds – Andy Gonzalez of Worcester, MA against Keenan Raymond of Warwick, RI. Round 1 started off with Raymond being quick with his legs and body and Andy going to the body early. Raymond fell in the ring and injured his left shoulder, Dr. Lou Durkin suggested to referee Tom Clark to call a halt to the bout. Gonzalez wins by TKO and increased to 7-5-0, 6 Kos. I was looking forward to see this bout continue. Too bad for the injury.

Junior Welterweights – 4 Rounds – Philip Davis of Worcester, MA kept trying to back up Seth Basler of Marion, IL to the ropes. Basler was the taller of the two fighters. Davis landing some great right hooks on Basler. Davis continuing backing up Basler but he can’t seem to keep him on the ropes. Round 3 was a back and forth action. Kendrick Ball in the corner giving Davis some great commands. After 4 rounds the judges scored the bout 39-37; 40-36 and 40-36 all in favor of Davis by UD and increased to 3-5-2 and Basler decreased to 1-23-0.

Junior Middleweights – 4 Rounds – Eslih Owusu of Worcester, MA went up against veteran, Lino Chaves. Owusu looking to get the KO early but crafty Lino made Owusu work in the bout while Lino switched stances. Owusu breaking down Lino in round 3 and Lino was saved by the bell. Round 4 was all Owusu. Owusu seemed to have more of a punch than Lino. After 4 rounds the judges scored the bout in favor of Owusu, 40-36; 40-36 and 40-36. Lino made an announcement at the end of the fight and decided to call it quits from boxing and this was his last fight. We shall see. Boxing Northeast wishes Lino all the best. Owusu increased to 9-1 and Chaves 9-43-4.

Super Flyweights – 4 Rounds – Anthony Ortiz of Hartford, CT had an easy bout against Christian Andrae of Caguas, PR. Andrae started off landing then Ortiz quickly turned the tables and capitalized the remainder of the round. Ortiz controlling the fight but letting his hands down low after he throws. During round 2 Ortiz lands and down goes Andrae to his knee and referee Kevin Hope calls a halt to the fight at 1:14 of round 2, Ortiz wins by TKO and advances to 3-2, 3 kos and Andrae decreased to 1-2-0.

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