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“St. Valentine’s Day Massacre” Official Results

It was “Tank Time” again

Undefeated prospect Francis “Frank The Tank” Hogan

Improved to a perfect 10-for-10

(L) Francis “Frank The Tank” Hogan is a perfect 10-for-10

(Picture by Emily Harney/Fightography)

DEDHAM, Mass. February (12, 2022) – Last night was “Tank Time” again!

Weymouth (MA) super welterweight Francis “Frank The Tank” Hogan (10-0, 10 KOs) went 10-for-10, blasting out Vincent Floyd (4-12-2, 2 KOs) midway through the opening round, headlining St. Valentines’ Day Massacre,” presented by Vertex Promotions, at Moseley’s On The Charles in Dedham, Massachusetts.

The 21-year-old Hogan was the headliner for the first time, as well as in his first schedule 8-round bout, brought the fight to his over-matched opponent right after the opening bell sounded and he never let up. Hogan, a southpaw, stunned Floyd, who’s legs buckled and left him on the ropes and vulnerable to sharp-shooting Hogan. Hogan unleashed a barrage of unanswered punches until the referee halted the action midway through round one as his many fans erupted in joy.

The wildly popular Hogan is the reigning New Hampshire super welterweight champion, in addition to capturing a gold medal at the 2019 New England Golden Gloves.

In the co-featured event, Dorchester (MA) lightweight Jonathan Depina (7-1, 4 KOs) rolled to a 6-round unanimous decision victory over his Argentinian opponent, Jonathan “El Guapo” Hernan Godoy (5-13).

Mansfield (MA) boxer James “The Slim Reaper” Perella (9-0, 7 KOs) looked sharp, punching his way to a second-round win over Zack Kuhn (10-11-1, 5 KOs), who hit the canvas several times, by way of technical knockout in their Special Welterweight Attraction.

Fighting for the first time in 2 ½ years, South Boston’s Joe Farina (8-1, 4 KOs) amazingly showed no rust, taking a one-sided 6-round unanimous decision from Las Vegas middleweight Rynell Griffin (8-50-2, 2 KOs).

New York City super lightweight Jaica Pavilus (2-4-1, 1 KO) registered the lone upset of the evening, winning a 6-round majority decision versus previously unbeaten Miranda “El Alacrana” Reyes (5-1-1, 3 KOs) in the first pro fight between females in Dedham.

Dorchester featherweight Troy Anderson, Jr. (4-0, 2 KOs), a local favorite and union sheet metal worker in local 17, controlled the action from start to finish in his fist 6-rounder, effectively using his boxing skills en route to a 6-round unanimous decision over Mike Fowler (7-43, 2 KOs).

In his first 6-round bout, Irish prospect Tommy “The Kid” O’Toole (3-0, 2 KOs) went the distance for the first time as a professional, dominating dangerous Larry “Hitman” Pryor (15-24, 9 KOs), the New Hampshire Cruiserweight Champion, winning all six rounds on each of the three judges’ scorecards for a shutout performance. The fight was contested at a187-pound catchweight. O’Toole, fighting out of Galway, was the 2019 Irish Elite Championship gold medalist.

The Davidson brothers Kansas City, Kansas, fought on the same pro card for the first time and both were victorious. Marcus was fighting in his first scheduled 6-rounder, but he ended the show late in round one, after dropping welterweight Rakim Johnson (6-16-1, 5 KOs) twice. His older brother, super lightweight Marcell (1-0), turned in a promising pro debut, easily winning a 4-round unanimous decision against Cesar “Cobra” Espinal Maldanado (0-2). Marcell is a 2-time Ringside World and 2019 National Golden Gloves Champion.

Southbridge (MA) featherweight Alex Rivera (3-0, 2 KOs) decked Brandon “Bulldog” Grimmett (0-6) twice, the second stopping him late in the opening round.

Vertex Promotions’ next event is scheduled for May 14 at Moseley’s On The Charles.

Complete Results Below:



Francis Hogan (10-0, 10 KOs), Weymouth, MA

WTKO1 (1:37)

Vincent Floyd (4-12-2, 2 KOs), Philadelphia, PA


Jonathan Depina (7-1, 4 KOs), Dorchester, MA

WDEC6 (61-54, 61-54, 59-58)

Jonathan Hernan Godoy (5-13, 0 KOs), Miami, FL by way of Argentina


Tommy O’Toole (3-0, 2 KOs), Galway, Ireland

WDEC6 (60-54, 60-54, 60-54)

Larry “Hitman” Pryor (15-25, 9 KOs), Frederick, MD


Joe Farina (8-1, 4 KOs), South Boston, MA

WDEC6 (60-53, 60-53, 58-56)

Rynell Griffen (8-50-2, 2 KOs), Las Vegas, NV


James Perella (9-0, 7 KOs), Mansfield, MA

WTKO2 (:50)

Zack Kuhn (10-11-1, 5 KOs), Welch, WV

Marcus Davidson (3-0, 3 KOs), Kansas City, KS

WTKO1 (2:11)

Rakim Johnson (6-16-1, 5 KOs), Indianapolis, IN


Marcell Davidson (1-0, 0 KOs), Kansas City (KS)

WDEVC4 (40-36, 40-36, 39-37)

Cesar Espinal Maldanado (0-2), Arecibo, Puerto Rico


Jaica Pivilus (2-4-1, 2 KOs), New York, NY

WDEC6 (60-54, 58-56, 57-57)

Miranda Reyes (5-1-1, 3 KOs), Houston, TX


Alex Rivera (3-0, 2 KO), Southbridge, MA

WTKO1 (2:42)

Brandon Grimmett (0-6), Thomasville, NC


Troy Anderson, Jr. (4-0, 2 KOs), Dorchester, MA

WDEC6 (60-54, 59-55, 59-55)

Mike Fowler (7-43, 2 KOs), Milwaukee, WI


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