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Slugfest At The Sun: Official Weigh In Results

10 Rounds

Richie Rivera 172.5 lbs

Devaun Lee 172 lbs

8 Rounds

Rajon Chance 122 lbs

Travon Lawson 121.5 lbs

4 Rounds

Louis Maietta 170 lbs

Erick Alves 170 lbs

6 Rounds

Demek Edmonds 211.25 lbs

Luis Miguel Valera 225 lbs

4 Rounds

Jacob Marrero 140.25 lbs

Ryan Venable 140.5 lbs

4 Rounds

Sharif Rahman 167 lbs

Kijonti Davis  164 lbs

Slugfest at the Sun can also be seen on Swerve Combat TV throughtout the USA


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