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Ryan Roach's Fighter LockerSigns Boston featherweightTroy Anderson, Jr.

BOSTON (December 7, 2020) - Ryan Roach's Fighter Locker has signed Boston featherweight Troy Anderson, Jr. to an exclusive managerial contract. Anderson, a union Sheetmetal worker in local 17, was a decorated amateur who won a gold medal at the 2016 Rocky Marciano Tournament, as well as The New England's Tournament twice in 2018-2019, and won Central Division of the New England Golden Gloves Tournament twice and runner-up twice during his four-year (2016-2019) run. He also competed in three national tournaments. Anderson, though, didn't start boxing until he was 23, when he walked into a gym for the first time, 10 years after his two best friends introduced him to boxing. "I started in boxing because I hoped to succeed and reach my goals through boxing," Anderson explained. "I train at Nonantum Boxing Club in Newton (MA), where Marc Gargaro is my coach. He's one of the best in New England. He coaches for USA Boxing. I wouldn't be in this business without him because he's built me from scratch. I'm so glad to be coached by him and we've developed a bond like family." At the age of 28, Anderson has decided to turn pro, which, of course, is relatively late in boxing. But he still feels 21 because of the way he moves and that he wasn't on the wrong end of beatings in the amateurs. He's also gained confidence sparring with some of New England's top pros and amateurs. "I put a lot of hard work in the gym the past 5 or 6 years and I got tired of the amateurs," Anderson explained why he decided to turn pro now. "It's not too late for me; others have started late like me and went on to become world champion. I want to be in that group. "I thank Ryan Roach for giving me this opportunity to join Fighter Locker. He's honest and I was comfortable with him. I like him and know he's going to keep an eye on me. Why not sign with a Boston manager to help put boxing here back on the map?" "I'm excited about signing Troy Anderson, Jr." Roach said. "I've been watching him for years and he's developed well under Marc. Troy has fought the best in the country. He's a very well-rounded fighter. I'm excited about adding him to the stable. He's a BOSTON fighter and a great young man. It's a win-win for us."

Anderson realizes that he needs to move to set up his shots, throw multiple punches, and change angles. He's a slick southpaw who normally doesn't rush in the ring. Anderson is thrilled to know that ripping body punches will score points, unlike in the amateur ranks, and breakdown his opponent. He predicts that he'll display more power than he did as an amateur. "I'm driven to reach my goals," he concluded. "I hope to make my pro debut early next year, pending pandemic restrictions. Ryan has kept his fighters busy, some fighting in Mexico. I love the challenge and can't wait!" Fighter Locker's growing stable of gifted boxers includes Dorchester, MA welterweight Gabriel Duluc (15-3, 4 KOs), Troy, NY super lightweight Ray Jay "The Destroyer" Bermudez (10-0, KOs), Toronto, Canada welterweight Jeff "The Trouble 1" Tabrizi (8-3, 7 KOs), West Haven, CT super welterweight Jimmy "Quiet Storm" Williams (16-4-2, 5 KOs), super featherweight Jesus Vasquez, Jr. (6-0, 2 KOs), super middleweight "The Amazing" Shawn McCalman (4-0, 2 KOs), U.S. Army super bantamweight Daniel Bailey, Jr., and lightweight Leonel de los Santos, a 2-time Dominican Republic Olympian INFORMATION: WEBSITE: , FACEBOOK: /fighterlocker TWITTER: @RoachRyan, @_troyandersonjr INSTAGRAM: @RyanRoach82

ABOUT FIGHTER LOCKER:Established in 2019, Fighter Locker is a comprehensive sports agency that manages professional boxers. Fighter Locker also helps to brand boxers by finding their voice with a 100-percent customized service. Fighter Locker does not really believe in working models. It believes in partnership optimization models in motion. Fighter Locker uses four creative steps because it believes in "the foundation is everything": 1. wisely conceived, 2. creatively restrained, 3. Proudly judged, 4. sharply targeted.


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