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Main event - Cruiserweights - 8 Rounds - RICHIE "POPEYE THE SAILOR MAN" RIVERA went up against “Mighty” JOE JONES. Popeye's fans came out tonight. Opening round, Popeye fighting with his left hand low trying for the knock out and decided not to sit in between rounds. Round 3 Popeye lost his cool in the ring and almost tossed Jones out of the ring. Round 4, Jones seems to be playing with Popeye and asking for more punches. But Jones isn't throwing his hands. Jones is covering well and slipping Popeye's punches. Jones is doing no damage to Popeye. After 8 rounds all judges score the bout 80-72 for Popeye and winner by UD. Rivera increased to 16-0, 12 kos and Jones decreased to 11-2, 8 kos.

Super lightweights - 8 Rounds: "ACTION" ANTHONY LAUREANO of East Hartford, Connecticut had an in your phone booth type bout against ANGEL "AZTEC WARRIOR" HERNANDEZ from Texas. The entire fight was a shortrange fight. As usual, Laureano never has easy bouts. Laureano seemed off after the 1st round while in the corner. Round 2 looks like a bar brawl. Both fighters are landing with little defense from each boxers. Each round was the same. Close range, back and forth, each fighter landing some great shots. There were so many accumulation of punches to the head. After 8 rounds with no knockdowns, the judges scored the bout 79-74/79-74/77-96 all in favor of Anthony. Anthony increased to 13-0, 8 kos and Hernandez 17-15-02, 11 Kos.

Lightweights -8 Rounds: OMAR "THE BEAST" BORDOY of Danbury, Connecticut against DIEUMERCI “Elephant” NZAU of Maryland. Nzau was a last-minute opponent. Nzau coming forward, Bordoy circling around Nzau. Nzau can't cut off the ring. Both fighters work off the jab. Bordoy dictating the bout while Nzau waiting too long. Nzau just loves toying with Bordoy. Nzau had great head movement but couldn't do much against Bordoy. The last 10 seconds of the bout punches were flying. All 3 judges scored the bout 80-72 for Bordoy. Bordoy increased to 10-1, 3 kos and Nzau decreased to 11-11, 8 kos.

Super Middleweights – 6 Rounds: DERRICK "BAD BOY" WHITLEY II of Springfield, Massachusetts met up against JERMAINE CORLEY of New York. Corley's taking no time coming forward against DJ, consistently backing up DJ against the rope. DJ has a cut above the left eye due to an accidental head butt. This was probably the 1st fight where the corner of Whitley's wasn't as loud as the other corner. After the 2nd round the doctor stopped the fight due to the cut. The bout ended up as a no decision. Whitley stays at 6-1-1 and Corley 3-8, 1 ko. Whitley ended up with 7 stitches.

Swing Bout - Light Heavyweights - 4 Rounds: ANGEL "Avitar" VASQUEZ of Springfield, Massachusetts had a tough bout against LEANDRO "Buscape" SILVA who always shows up fight. Vasquez has the height advantage and started off using his jab and Silva doing the right thing by going to the body. Vasquez and Silva decided not to sit in between rounds. There is blood dripping out of Vasquez's mouth. Both fighters trying their best in the ring. Round 4, Silva almost dropped Vazquez before referee jumped in between them and gave Vasquez the count and stopped the bout at 2:00. Silva wins by TKO and increased to 2-3, 1 Ko and Vasquez 0-2.

Welterweights – 6 Rounds: Hartford’s JEFFREY TORRES met up against the veteran, ANTONIO “LINO” FERNANDEZ of Brockton, Mass. The Rosa's working Torres corner. Torres continuing going to the body on Lino. Lino jabbing trying to get in and set up his punches. Round 4, 5 and 6 Lino complained that he was hit with a low blow, (round 6 to me looked like a body shot). After round 4, the pace picked up. Torres letting his hands go. At the end of round 4 Torres landed a right to the head on Lino and rocked Lino. Round 6, Torres pace increased and Lino ended up with a cut above his right eye. After 6 rounds with no knockdowns all 3 judges scored the bout 60-54 for Torres by UD. Torres increased to 6-0, 4 kos and Lino decreased to 9-35-04, 3 kos.

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