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Pierce Out Boxes Williams for the WBC Belt At Mohegan Sun - CES Boxing Results

Photo by Pattee Mak

Main Event, Tramaine Williams of New Haven, CT ended into a slug fest against Elijah Pierce of Oklahoma for the vacant WBC Silver Super Bantamweight Championship. Williams weighed in at 126 and Pierce at 116.4. Williams the shorter of the two fighters didn’t stop him from getting in those body shots with his fast hands. The bout was mainly in the center of the ring, Williams keeps landing as Pierce is coming in. As the rounds progressed the pace picked up. Both fighters landing. At the end of the 7th, Williams was taking a beating by Pierce but was saved by the bell. Round 8 and 9, was an all-out slug fest, Williams was taking Pierce’s punishment. The crowd on the floor are standing and Williams fans are cheering “Midget”. After 10 rounds, no knockdowns, the judges scored the bout in favor of Pierce, 97-93; 97-93 and 96-94 by UD. Pierce increased to 17-2, 14 Kos and Williams decreased to 20-2, 6 kos.

Co-Main Event - Local boxer Chordale Booker of Stamford, Connecticut had a slow action bout against Daniel Aduku of Ghana for the vacant WBC Silver Super Welterweight Championship. Chordale the bigger of the two fighters. During round 4, the action picked up, both fighters exchanging. While they were tied up, Chordale landed on Aduku’s chin and Aduku got tossed out of the ring like a rag doll by Chordale. Chordale increases to 19-1, 8 Kos and Aduku decreased to 15-3, 1, 10 kos. The referee stopped the bout at 1:54 of round 4.

Springfield, Massachusetts Anthony “TNT” Velazquez faced a tough southpaw Rashid “Boogie Man” Stevens of Gardena, Ca. Round 1, Stevens fighting off of his back leg. There was not too much engaging with great defense by Stevens. Both fighting feeling each out. Round 2, Stevens keeps going to the body head on Tony. Round 3, Tony keeps typing up Stevens. Round 5, Velazquez trying to back up Stevens, but Stevens with his good footwork is giving Velazquez a hard time. After 8 rounds with no knockdowns the judges scored the bout 78-74 for Stevens per Glen Feldman; 80-72 per Peter Harry; 76-76 this is a Draw. Velazquez is now 12-0-1, 11 kos and Stevens is 6-1-2, 5 Kos.

Michael Kimbel of Waterbury, CT gets the TKO victory against Davhon Shelton of Pawtucket, RI Super lightweights During round 2 Kimbal lands a straight right on Shelton and Shelton bounces off the ropes and lands on the canvas. Kimbal gets the victory in round 2 at 1:04. Round 1 there wasn’t much engagement between the fighters. Kimbel increased to 2-0, 2 Kos and Shelton is now 1-2.

Stevie Jane Coleman of Colombia, Connecticut had a non-stop 1st round against Sarah Click of Orlando, FL. The Super lightweights in action, scheduled for 4 rounds. At the beginning of round 1, Stevie backed up Click against the ropes, but couldn’t keep her there and continuing trying to keep her on the ropes. Stevie wasted no time on Click, during the round Click suffered an injury on her ankle or leg I believe, don’t quote me and the referee called off the bout at the advice of the Dr. at 1:57. Coleman increased to 5-1 and Click decreased to 1-4-1.

Slawomire Bohziewicz of Stamford, Connecticut fought Max Weslei da Silva of Woburn, Mass. Both fighters made their pro debut. Slay’s fighting stance was more of a straight up stance and he looked more conditioned than his opponent. Slay kept coming forward while da Silva was running in circles around Slay. da Silva is throwing wild punches. By round 3, hands were flying. Slay landed a body shot on da Silva and he went to his knee and gets to TKO victory. Johnny Callas stopped the bout at 1:28, Bohdziewicz increased to 1-0, 1 Ko and da Silva suffered his 1st loss 0-1.

Welterweights Jeffrey Gonzalez of New Haven, CT took on Yeison Berdugo of Pawtucket, RI who made his pro debut and was not afraid to engage. Gonzalez the taller of the two fighters. Gonzalez having the fans behind him but Berdugo who came to fight the 2-0 while moving his body well in defense and wasn’t startled when Gonzalez’s punches landed. Round 2 Gonzalez came alive on and Berdugo counted. Round 3, Gonzalez got dropped to his knee and received the count and ended up pushing Berdugo to the canvas. Gonzalez must be getting frustrated in the ring. While going to the body, head, head, body, Berdugo dropped to his knee from the body shot and the referee called off the bout. I would like to see more of Berdugo. He did great for his pro debut and won by TKO at 1:29. Gonzalez increased to 2-0, 1 Ko and Berdugo lost his 1st fight and is now 0-1.

Featherweights Nathan Martinez of New Britian, Connecticut fought Daniel Alberto Coronel who had more than double the pro fights as he has. Martinez who was staying on the outside had an opponent who came to fight. Both boxers exchanged but unfortunately Nathan walked away with the unanimous decision after 6 rounds. Nathan’s dad was working his corner. The judges scored the bout 60-52; 60-52 and 58-54 in favor of Martinez. Martinez increased to 8-2, 2 Kos and Coronel decreased to 8-27-1, 3 kos. [Unfortunately I arrived during round 5 of this bout]

Harold Roy of Waltham, MA made his pro debut against Gabriel Aguilar Costa of Woburn, Mass in the heavyweight division. After 4 rounds and no knockdowns the judges scored the bout unanimously for Costa, 40-36; 39-37 and 39-37. Costa increased to 2-4 and Roy 0-1.

Non New England Bout, Scheduled 6 Rounds: Carlos Vanegas Nunez of Port Chester, NY met Dominique Griffin of Irving, Texas. Judges scored the bout 57-57; 58-56; 58-56 by majority decision Griffin gets the victory.


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