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PBC Wins Three Northern New England Golden Gloves Championships

Portland Boxing Club at the Northern New England Golden Gloves in Somersworth, NH.

Portland Boxing Club athletes win three championships at the Northern New England Golden Gloves in Somersworth, New Hampshire on January 21, 2023. PBC’s Xavier Tiger Diaz, a 125-pound novice featherweight from Brunswick, Maine, completely dominated Zachary Zombeck of Somersworth, New Hampshire winning all three rounds and a unanimous decision. PBC’s Lindsay Kyajohnian Francois, a 139-pound elite light welterweight from Gorham, Maine, outboxed Stevie Theoharidis of Bangor, Maine to win the unanimous decision. PBC’s Abbas Ngoboka, a 156-pound novice welterweight from Portland, Maine, lost a split decision to Ryan Antonivich of Perkinsville, Vermont in a back-and-forth battle that was the best bout of the night. PBC’s Wade Faria, a 165-pound elite middleweight from Portland, Maine, won by first round knockout over Cody Zombeck of Somersworth, New Hampshire. Diaz, Francois and Faria advance to the New England Golden Gloves Tournament of Champions in Lowell, Massachusetts starting on February 16, 2023. In addition, PBC’s Kate Zehr, a 125-pound elite featherweight from South Portland, Maine; Max Kennedy, a 139-pound novice youth division from South Portland, Maine; Ilyas Bashir, a 139-pound elite division light welterweight from Auburn, Maine; and, Zordan Holman, a 203+ pound novice super heavyweight from Westbrook, Maine advance to this tournament by walkover. Portland Boxing Club fighters have won 231 championships in the organization’s 30-year history.


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