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Granite Chin Promotions Signs Brockton amateur standout Welterweight Dave Ribeiro

QUINCY, Mass. (February 21, 2022) – Granite Chin Promotions has announced it has signed New England amateur standout Dave Ribeiro, who hails from boxing rich Brockton (MA) to an exclusive 3-year promotional contract.

A solid all-around boxer and ferocious body puncher, 25-year-old Ribeiro is a throwback fighter, who works as a social worker in Brockton through the Old Colony YMCA.

A decorated amateur boxer, Ribeiro captured top honors at the Mike Tyson Tournament in New York, 2019 King of the Ring Tournament in Massachusetts, Regional Junior Olympics, and the 2020 New England Golden Gloves. He finished second in the New England Championships (Youth Division), in addition to being a Rocky Marciano Tournament finalist, competed in the National Golden Gloves Tournament, and 2019 USA Olympic Trials.

Ribeiro, who has a dual citizenship, also finished runner-up in the Cape Verde Olympic Trials.

“I thought about leaving the amateurs before, but I shot for the stars with my Olympic dream,” he explained. “But I fell short. The timing was right now to go pro instead of getting more wins as an amateur. I believe I’m part of the Brockton boxing tradition (includes Hall of Famers Rocky Marciano and Marvelous Marvin Hagler). I was born and still live here in Brockton. When I started to box, my first coach was Goody Petronelli (Hagler’s co-trainer) at Petronelli’s Boxing Gym (in Brockton). Continuing that tradition is very important to me.

“I heard about Granite Chin from other boxers like Edet Mkpanam, and Mike Ohan, who I’ve sparred,” welterweight Ribeiro spoke about signing with Granite Chin. “I believe Chris (Traietti) is one of the top promoters in New England. Me turning pro is great. We have great things ahead. He understands what I’ll be going through because he’s a fighter who has been through it. We’re targeting May on the South Shore for my pro debut.”

“When I was first contacted by Carlos Alvarado (Ribeiro’s advisor) to meet David, it was a no brainer for me to get down to Fall River and have a meeting,” promoter Traietti commented. “Everyone in New England whose opinion I value had nothing but great things to say about him as a person and a fighter. After talking to him, I saw he’s a humble, well-spoken guy who wants an opportunity to prove himself in the pro ranks. Over the next couple of years, we are going to move him in a controlled but continuous pace. He isn’t going to rot away his youth on small shows. He has a rich amateur background, so before long, I am going to get him on a massive stage. I have no doubt!”

Ribeiro is a boxer-puncher like his favorite contemporary fighter, Terence Crawford. “My all-time favorite fighter is Andre Ward, but he’s retired,” Dave added. “Like Crawford, I start as a boxer and box well, but I also bring power, and eventually I’ll knockout my opponent.”

Ribeiro has benefited from his friendships with world super middleweight champion Demetrius Andrade and Toka Kahn-Clary. “They motivate me, and I’ve sparred with them,” Ribeiro noted. “I come from the same background as Demetrius.”

It’s unusual for an amateur boxer to effectively display a body attack like Ribeiro, who trains out of Bishops Training and Fitness in West Bridgewater, Massachusetts.

“My coach, Joshua Lemar, has really developed my body punching,” Ribeiro concluded. “He has helped me develop a lot of my skills. He’s brought the best out of me. I would like to give all credit to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.”

Ribeiro joins Granite Chin’s stable that includes Mass. middleweights Anthony Andreozzi, Julien Baptise, Mass. super welterweights Denzel Whitley and Carlo Castillo, Mass. light heavyweight Laurent Humes, Edet Mkpanam, Leondro Silva and Steven Sumpter, Mass. super featherweight Ryan Kielczweski, Mass. welterweight Mike Ohan, Jr. (New England champion), Mass. heavyweight Quinton Sumpter, New York light heavyweight Scott Lampert, New Jersey super lightweight Tyrone Luckey, Conn. heavyweight Mike Marshall (New England champion), Maine heavyweight Justin Rolfe (former New England champion), Texas middleweight Larry Smith, Georgia middleweight Antonio Todd, and Florida middleweight Manny Woods.

Brockton’s rich boxing is in good shape with prospect Dave Ribeiro.

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