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Gonzalez is the new Massachusetts Super Featherweight Champ


Springfield’s own Carlos Gonzalez went into the boxing ring with one thing in mind. VICTORY and he came out on top. After a scheduled 8 round bout against Israel Rojas of Mexico for the vacant Massachusetts Super Featherweight.  The bout only last 4 rounds.  In the opening round Gonzalez jabbed his way and while going to the body and then head dropped Rojas for the count. A 10-8 round for Gonzalez.  Round 2, Rojas I’m not sure if he slipped or Gonzalez landed but he received the count.  During the rest of the rounds, Gonzalez was in complete control and moving his head well avoiding punches.  Rojas continuing going to the body, while Gonzalez mostly to the head and fighting in the center of the ring.   During round 4, the paced picked up and Gonzalez landed a short right and Rojas went down and rolled around on the canvas. The referee called a halt to the fight at 47 seconds of round 4.  

Gonzalez increased to 10-0-0 and Rojas decreased to 15-29-0. 

Co-Main:   Scheduled 6 round fight went the distance as Joshua Orta of Springfield, MA the shorter of the two fighters went up against Marcello Williams of Florida.  Williams keeping Orta away with the jab while Orta is trying to get in.  By the 4th round the bout picked up, Orta digging to the body and applying pressure and closing the distance.   After 6 rounds the judges scored the bout 59-55; 59-55 and 60-54 all in favor of Orta by UD.  

Orta increased to 11-0-0, Williams decreased to 4-21-1


REMATCH:  Worcester’s Jake Paradise met up against Scott Lampert of New York who was defending his Massachusetts State Cruiser title.  The 1st bout was on February 10, 2023, when Paradise lost in the 1st round by TKO but for tonight’s match it’s a different story.  The bout went only 5 of the scheduled 6 rounds and Paradise is the new Massachusetts State Cruiser champ.  As the bout went on Paradise was using his weight to hold Lampert against the ropes and throwing punches. Paradise had a cut on his left side of his forehead during the 1st round and ended up with a bloody nose as well.  During Round 2, Paradise landed which appeared to be a low blow and down went Lampert and received the count. Lambert is tiring out.  Round 3 the referee didn’t like Paradise was pushing Lampert and deducted a point.  During round 5, Lampert’s corner had seen enough and stopped the bout at 1:17

Paradise is now 6-3-0 and is  Lampert 5-10-0


Anthony ‘Hershey”  Ortiz  of Hartford, CT the shorter of the two fighters didn’t take long to get the KO victory against Mason Wickett of Florida.  A scheduled 4 round fight lasted 1 minute and15 seconds of the 1st round.  Ortiz quickly went after Wickett at the opening bell and didn’t stop as he landed a body shot and upper cut on Wickett. The referee called a half to the bout.

Ortiz increased to 5-2-0 and  Wickett decreased to 1-15-1



Two fighters fighting to keep their perfect record were Edwine Humaine Junior of Springfield, MA against southpaw, Jonathan “Junk Yard Dog” Gary of Oklahoma. After 2 of the scheduled 4 rounds with both fighters the same height but Junior looking heavier than Gary. During round 2, the Junk Yard Dog goes down twice.  The first were from a barrage of punches and behind the ear and he couldn’t recover after Junior kept unleashing more throws.  The referee calls a halt to the bout at 2:05 of round 2 by TKO.  Junior increases to 4-0-0, 4  KOS and Gary suffered his 1st lost 2-1-0.


Unfortunately,  ☹ Stevie Jane Coleman of Columbia, Connecticut was sick and this 6 round fight didn’t happen against Michaele Nogue of New Jersey.


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