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Former baseball star Carlos Gonzalez finds success in a new found love

Once a promising baseball star from Springfield, Mass Carlos Gonzalez has taken his talents from the diamond to the square. Carlos a former student at Holyoke Community College, was offered a scholarship to MCLA but could not attend due to financial reasons. Carlos played for team USA in 2014-15. Carlos was invited to a major league try out with the Philadelphia Phillies and a few other teams before deciding to move on from baseball.

“New England’s Future XIV, presented by Rivera Promotions Entertainment (RPE) will feature some of New England's fastest rising stars and ranked contenders.

Since starting boxing Gonzalez with no amateur boxing experience jumped right into the pros and has made an immediate statement. Now 7-0 Gonzalez has knocked out every opponent he’s faced.

When asked about the transition from baseball to boxing Carlos Gonzalez said “The transition from baseball to boxing to me was okay to me. Baseball and boxing has a lot of similar movements and requires some what of the same attributes. So on a physical note, it’s been pretty good going but not one bit easy”.

Gonzalez also added “Boxing hasn’t come easy to me although it might seem like it. But I think my drive and my personality has a lot to do with it. As soon as I start something I want to conquer it to the best of my ability, not just to get by and be the same as who or what is beside me.”

When asked about his early success recording 7 straight wins all by knockout Gonzalez said “I feel good as anybody would about accomplishing the small bit I’ve accomplished in the sport of boxing but I don’t let it get into my head cause I know the best of me is yet to come and I don’t want to hinder that. A lot of times we’ll feel good about a certain thing we’re doing or did and we sit back on it thinking that we’ve done it. But I’m not even a quarter of where I want to be in the sport so I just keep my head down and continue to learn, grow, and mature. So when that day comes I’ll be ready mentally, physically and spiritually.”

When asked about his fan base and his busy first year in the sport and how he plans to capitalize on his 2nd year as a pro Gonzalez said “As far as the support and love I get, it means the world to me. Coming up I was always an underdog. So it caught me by surprise to have this much support and love where I’m from. I’m just grateful for it. It helps me to keep pushing, makes me feel like I got people counting on me. Under pressure is when I’m at my best I feel. As far as Year 2 I’m looking to learn more and more of the sport. Continue to give people good entertainment, and grow as much as I can for the next 52 weeks. Get into a big fight and put my city and family on the map”.

Gonzalez also said “I would like to add that it doesn’t matter what you been through what you going through or what you’ll go through in life. All that matters is the now and we should all cherish the moment and execute what you want to execute. It could always be worse. Shoot for the moon and if you miss you’ll be amongst the stars.”

Gonzalez displays a beautiful jab against an opponent with a 8 inch height advantage

RPE President and Matchmaker AJ Rivera said “The first time I met Carlos and his team we went out to eat and had a sit down. The vibe and energy I felt from Carlos and his team made feel there’s something special about this kid. Throughout the process of getting ready for his last fight everyone was easy to work with and super professional. Carlos came out and his fan base went crazy, not only did he impress me with his fan base and him only being a 4 round fighter. His skills matched up with his hype! The kid can really punch and it’s almost like his baseball form translated over to boxing. He’s pitching punches at your face and dropping guys with ease”.

RPE CEO Jose Antonio Rivera said “Carlos, is an up and coming boxer with raw talent and exceptional power. He fears and ducks no one and his eagerness to learn and grow in his pro career is seen in the hard core training sessions in gym. There is a lot of upside to Carlos and he doesn’t disappoint his loyal fans with action packed fights. I am honored that he has decided to use the “El Gallo” name. That implies he knows what it means when he is fighting in the ring. Not many people know the significance but a fine tuned Gallo is a machine and will never quit! Like they say in Puerto Rico where as a kid I raised roosters to fight, Hasta La Muerte!”

Card subject to change.

Tickets, priced at $60.00 general admission $100 .00 ringside and $125.00 VIP ringside are on sale by contacting Jose Rivera ( /1-508.864.6954), AJ Rivera ( /1-774.272.2269) or any of the fighters.

Doors open at 6:00 p.m. ET, first bout 7:00 p.m. ET.


Twitter: @RiveraPromoEnt @KingRivera_

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