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Cassius Wins in Worc by UD after 10 Rounds

MAIN EVENT – HEAVYWEIGHTS – 10 Rounds: Cassius “C.O.G.” Chaney of New London, CT took on Shawndell Terell Winters of Harvey, IL in a very slow non action bout. Round 4, Cassius landed some great right hands on Winters. As the bouts continued the pace wasn’t as action packed as I would like. In round 9, Chaney has a cut near the left eye due to an accidental head butt. After 10 rounds with no knock downs, the judges scored the bout 96-94; 98-92 and 97-93. Chaney increased to 21-0 14 Kos and Winters 13-6 12 kos.

CO-MAIN EVENT – 8 Rounds - Richie “Popeye The Sailor Man” Rivera of Hartford, CT fought a quick bout against Ernesto "Gatti" Berrospe Rivas of Mexico fighting for the vacant NBA Inter Continental Cruiserweight title. Round 1, Popeye landed a body shot and down went Rivas at 2:16 of Round 1 for the KO victory and increased to 20-0 15 KO and Rivas decreased to 18-14, 16 Kos. Popeye called out Badou Jack. Lets make this fight happen.

JUNIOR WELTERWEIGHT – 6 Rounds: A fan favorite at this venue, Wilfredo “El Sucaro” Pagan of Southbridge, MA met a come ready Carlos Marrero III of Bridgeport, CT and fought for the vacant New England Junior Welterweight title. Pagan quick with the hands and backing up Marrero. Marrero good on defense. Marrero never has an easy fight. Round 2 was a back and forth round. Marrero is breathing heavy during the break. Pagan has a welt under his left eye. After 6 hard punching rounds and the decision at first favoring Marrero and then later recalled for the following scores 57-57; 58-56 for Pagan and 59-55 for Marrero. This was declared a draw.

HEAVYWEIGHTS – 4 Rounds: Bryan Daniels of Worcester, MA vs. Corey Morey of Philadelphia, PA. Daniel tall and trim while Morey shorter and not as trim. During round 1 Morey was backed up to the corner and after a scuffle and some twists by Morey, he ended up near the neutral corner and hurt his left knee and the fight couldn’t continue due to a fall at 50 seconds. Daniels wins by TKO and increases to 6-1, 4 Kos and Morey 1-5.

SUPER MIDDLEWEIGHTS – 4 Rounds Bobby “BH3” Harris III of Worcester, MA another fan favorite of Worcester had a back and forth bout against Juan Celin Zapata of Bronx, NY. Zapata looking muscular and fit and more like a body builder. Zapata trying to knock his head off with wild swings. Zapata going below the belt. Round 2, Zapata knocked down Harris but the referee didn’t count it. During round 3, Harris has a cut on the right eye and it’s back to business with Zapata trying to the knock down Harris and Harris doing the 1 2 and working the jab. After 4 rounds the judges scored the bout 39-36; 40-36 and 40-35 all in favor for Harris. Harris increased to 3-0-1, 0 Kos and Zapata 6-19-2, 4 Kos.

CRUISERWEIGHTS – 4 Rounds: Demek “Hightower” Edmonds of Worcester, MA vs. Rafael De Souza of Brazil. Both Fighters were the same build and height. During round 4 Edmonds landed a 1 2 on De Souza and De Souza bounced off the ropes. Edmonds tried to finish him off but couldn’t. De Souza’s punches didn’t hurt Edmonds, Edmonds landed some great combinations and there were no knockdowns. Edmonds gets the UD, 40-36 across the board and increased to 3-0, 3 Kos and De Souza 0-2.

BANTAMWEIGHTS – 4 Rounds: Angel “Set It Off” Gonzalez of Hartford, CT had a holding match with Richard “Hard To Hit” Bernard of Waianae, HI. Bernard the taller of the two fighters tried but in the end Gonzalez was the winner with no knockdowns and trying to get in. The judges scored the bout 39-37; 40-36 and 40-36 in favor of Gonzalez by UD. Gonzalez increased to 5-0, 3 kos and Bernard 1-5-1, 0 Kos.

JUNIOR MIDDLEWEIGHTS – 4 Rounds: Eslih Owusu of Worcester, MA had an easy bout against Carlos Galindo of Woburn, MA. I don’t even think Owusu sweated. During round 1, Galindo gets the count twice as his knee hit the canvas and Osusu gets the victory at 1:32 and wins by TKO. Owusu increased to 5-0, 4 kos and Galindo 1-17,0 Kos.

JUNIOR MIDDLEWEIGHTS – 4 Rounds: Josniel “TG” Castro of Boca Raton, FL stepped in the ring against Anthony Everett of Lawrence. Castro setting up Everett with the left. During the 2nd round Castro landed and dropped Everett to the canvas. Everett is breathing heavy right before round 3 and probably shouldn’t continue. After 4 hard hitting bouts with Castro controlling the fight and Everett hardly landing, all 3 judges were in a unanimous decision of 40-34 with your winner Castro. Castro increases to 4-0, 2 ko and Everett 1-9, 0 kos.

Judges: Lucy Miller, Jackie Morell and Marcel Varele.


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