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BOXERS WANTED! Reality TV International Casting Call

“CELEBRITY” Making of a Champion

$1,000,000 Winner’s Purses for Men & Women

Champions aren’t born, they are made

LAS VEGAS (April 19, 2022) – "CELEBRITY" Making of A Champion (CMOAC), presented by New G Media Entertainment, LLC is accepting international casting call applications from professional boxers worldwide for its upcoming franchise boxing reality show made for Network Television.

“The future boxing stars of tomorrow are with us today,” CMOAC spokesperson Cosmo said.

Professional boxers may go to: to learn more about "CELEBRITY" Making of A Champion's international casting call and apply to be considered as a cast member.

In addition to becoming reality celebrity television stars, successful participants not only can seize the opportunity to cash in, but they can also position themselves for a regional title fight, as well as a likely top 15 world ranking. CMOAC plans to match natural rivals from diverse ethnic backgrounds to showcase contrasting fighting styles, and their compelling back stories.

Lastly, promotional free agents with interesting, if not unique backgrounds outside the ring, are urged to apply for a shot to become a celebrity champion, which will open doors that are closed to most if not all prizefighters. The inaugural seasons will feature several competitions in different weight classes, culminating with a $1,000,000 winner's purse for both men and women in each category.


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Twitter: @CMOAC2022


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