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Rivera Promotions held New England’s Future 9 at the American International College on April 29, 2022. The main event had super middleweights Kendrick Ball of Worcester, MA in an 8 round bout against Ronald Montes of Columbia. Leading up to the 5th round the fight was back and forth. During the 5th it appeared from my angle that Ball got dropped but the ref stated Ball was h hit below the belt and the referee took away a point from Montes. As the bout continued Ball backed up Montes against the corner rope and let his hands go. The referee stopped the bout at 2:09 in the 5th. Ball is now 18-2-2 and Montes19-16-1.

Co-Main Event - Light Heavyweights – Richard “Popeye the Sailor Man” Rivera, a crowd favorite met up against Fidel Munoz of Columbia. Popeye is the taller of the two fighters. During round 2 Munoz received the count and came back alive and tried to bring Popeye down but instead Popeye reversed the action in the ring. Round 3 Munoz goes down to a knee but beats the count as the round continued, Munoz almost fell out of the ring and while getting back into the ring the referee stopped the bout at 1:42 and Popeye increased to 21-0-0 and grabbed another belt, the WBF Light Heavyweight title and Munoz decreased 40-29-1. This was a scheduled 10 round bout.

6 Rounds – Junior Welterweights - Oscar Bonilla of Bridgeport, CT took on Michael Fowler of Illinois. Oscar took no time to come forward and back Fowler up against the rope, body head with his purple hair. Oscar continued in the rounds and continued to back up Fowler against the ropes. After 6 rounds and now the Jr. Welterweight New England Champ. Bonilla increased to 8-3-2 and Fowler is now 8-44-0. Judges scored the bout all in favor of Bonilla 60-54, 60-54, 60-54.

6 Rounds – Welterweights – In a bloody mess of a fight, Wilfredo “El Sucaro” Pagan of Southbridge, Mass went up against Isreal Rojas of Mexico. What a crazy first round. Pagan dropped Rojas, both fighters were giving their all and became a bloody mess. Both have cuts and Pagan’s cut is extremely bad by an accidental headbutt. Because of the headbutt the physician advised to stop the bout and it’s declared a no contest. Pagan keeps his record of 6-1-2 and Rojas 14-26-0

6 Rounds – Derrick “Bad Boy” Whitley of Springfield met Maycon Oiler Da Silva of Brazil. Whitley showed up and controlled the bout with no knock downs. After 6 rounds the judges scored the bout 60-54; 60-54 and 60-53. Whitley increased to 7-3-1 and is the Massachusetts Welterweight State champ and Da Silva decreased to 1-4-0.

4 Rounds – Super Middleweights - Bobby “BH3” Harris, III of Worcester Mass fought Michael Madeiros of Woburn who made his pro debut. During round 1 Harris dropped Madeiros twice and the referee stopped the bout at 2:45 of round 1. Harris increased to 5-0-1 and Madeiros decreased to 0-1.

4 Rounds Junior Welterweight – Marques Bates of Taunton, MA vs. Augustine Mauras of Lawrence, MA. Round 2 Bates backed up Mauras against the ropes and unleased his punishment on him. Bates the better of the two fighters and I expected more from Mauras. Round 3 Blood is rushing from the left eye of Mauras. During round 4 and throughout the bout, Bates kept trying to back up Mauras against the ropes and it worked out for Bates at 2:10 of round 4 once Bates backed him up for the last time with blood rushing down Mauras’ face, the referee stopped the bout at 2:10. Bates increased to 10-4-0. Mauras 7-13-3.

4 Rounds – Lightweights - Anuel Rosa of New Haven, CT went the distance against with no knock downs against Christian Danilo Guido of Italy. Guido did give Rosa some trouble at times, but Rosa out boxed the Italian. Rosa increased to 4-0-0 and Guido 8-24. All 3 judges scored the bout the same 40-36 for Rosa.

4 Rounds – Junior Welterweights – Rollin Whitley of Springfield, Massachusetts had a unanimous decision against Seth Basler of Illinois. After 4 rounds with Whitley controlling the bout and no knock downs, the judges scored the fight all in favor of Whitley 40-36, 40-36 an 40-36 and increased to 2-0-0 and Basler 1-21

4 Rounds – Light Heavyweights – Laurent Humes of Springfield vs. Igor Pessoa of Brazil. During the start of the bout Humes controlled the action until a body shot landed on Igor Pessoa of Brazil and the referee stopped the bout at 1:58. Humes increased to 5-0-0, 5 Ko. Pessoa is now 0-2.

4 Rounds – Heavyweights – Jake Paradise of Worcester, Massachusetts vs. Wewerton Silva Silveira of Brazil. Round 1, the round starts up equally matched until Paradise landed a body shot and received the count as it continued Silva dropped to the canvas again and the referee stopped the bout at 1:58 of round 1. Paradise wins by TKO and increased to 4-2-0 and Silveira 0-3-0.

4 Rounds - Heavyweights Quintin Sumpt of Pittsfield, Mass met up against Enzo Baptista Guimares of Brazil. During round 1, Sumpt controlled the bout, bounced Guimares head back a bit and landed a right then a left on Guimares and down to the canvas he went at 1:40 by KO and increased to 4-0-0. Guimares decreased to 0-3-0.



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