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Artie DePinho has a New Role In Boxing

I had the chance to interview Artie DePinho who has been a presence in the New England and national boxing scene for over a decade. He worked for CES Boxing, TKO Boxing Promotions, and then ran Big Six Entertainment. We talked about his involvement in boxing and his transition to boxing management with his recently formed company Waymaker Management.

Pattee Mak: What is your favorite part of professional boxing?

Artie DePinho: The experiences are my favorite part of boxing. I’ve been involved with hundreds of events throughout the world and have gained many contacts along the way. In 2009, I had the opportunity to travel to Germany for the Jason Estrada vs. Alexander Povetkin fight. When I was with TKO Boxing Promotions we were putting on a few events per month all over the country with some of the most talented fighters. We did a boxing event in Los Angeles headlined by future World Champion Leo Santa Cruz that also featured celebrity boxing that was shown on Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Then just two days later we were in Baltimore to put on a boxing event headlined by Peter Manfredo Jr. at a private charity event that was attended by most of the Baltimore Ravens. Another great experience was my trip to Iowa City where I had the chance to watch Terrence Crawford fight on a farm, in a barn, in front of two hundred people. Thinking back on that experience is crazy now that he’s one of the top pound for pound fighters in the world.

Pattee Mak: Sounds like you had some great experiences. I didn’t know they had boxing on Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Pattee Mak: Why did you decide to transition from the promotional side of boxing to the management side?

Artie DePinho: I enjoyed promoting boxing and the hard work that goes into putting on events. All of the moving pieces involved with matchmaking, working with the venues, selling tickets, and making sure all of the logistics are covered was extremely time consuming. In 2015, I had the opportunity to become a police officer so I made a career change and had to briefly step away from boxing. After I got acclimated as a police officer, I was ready to get back into boxing. I have a lot of knowledge, experience, and contacts in boxing and I didn’t want these assets to go to waste. I figured I could transition to the management side of boxing where I would get to choose who I worked with.

Pattee Mak: Why do you think you would be a good manager?

Artie DePinho: My background inside and outside of boxing makes me well prepared to manage a boxer’s career. My experiences outside of boxing has put me in a great position to see things from different perspectives. I worked for the New England Patriots for 17 seasons. Being on the sidelines and around the organization’s championship culture showed me how constant professionalism and hard work can keep your team on top. I’ve managed a warehouse and then worked in sales for an automotive parts company. I taught preschool and coached high school baseball. Now, as a police officer, I’m in a position where I can help a large number of people on a daily basis. Working in a wide variety of roles puts me in a position to see the bigger picture in most situations.

My background in boxing has given me firsthand knowledge of how promoters and matchmakers think and operate. I have worked with many promoters throughout the world and have compiled a great network of contacts. This puts me in a prime position to negotiate contracts, develop boxer’s careers, and help guide them to reach their full potential. I also know the politics involved with boxing and know how to get fighters moved up in the rankings for the various sanctioning bodies. My first experience as a manager has been going great with Greg Vendetti.

Pattee Mak: Tell us about your experience working with Greg Vendetti?

Artie DePinho: I first met Greg in 2013 when he fought on some events that I promoted. His personality and fighting style made him easy to like. When I decided to manage a fighter he was my first choice. In 2018, I signed him to a management contract. Together we have made great strides since then. I have helped him get the right opportunities at the right times. He went from being an unranked local boxer to challenging for multiple World Championships. My ability to get him opportunities and his capability to deliver in the ring and capitalize on those chances had led to success. It has been a great partnership that I truly value and am grateful for. Our progress together should demonstrate to other boxers how the right manager and team can help a boxer fulfill their full potential.

Pattee Mak: What are your goals for Waymaker Management?

Artie DePinho: First, we want to continue the journey with Greg Vendetti as he reaches new heights. We are also ready to take on additional boxers. We are willing to work with boxers at different stages of their career. Our goal is to find fighters that we would like to work with inside and outside of the ring. We want to be able to help boxers get to levels that they would not be able to get to on their own. Overtime, we want to prove that Waymaker Management paves the way for others to realize and achieve their full potential.

Pattee Mak: Any last comments that you would like to make to boxers potentially looking for a manager?

Artie DePinho: Yes, it is important to have a manager that can add something to your team and lookout for your career. Training and getting prepared for a fight is only one aspect of professional boxing. Promoters have their own business as their main interest. A manager works for the fighter, and the fighter is the main priority. As your manager, I would be able to navigate through the business side of professional boxing so you could focus on training. I would help guide your career and explain what the reasoning is behind why each decision is best for your future. I am willing to use my knowledge, experience, and contacts to do what’s best for you, the boxer. If you are looking for a manager I can be contacted at 617-312-5059 or through


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