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Arias Upsets Gonzalez and is now the WBC Silver Featherweight Champ

CES Results from Mohegan Sun – January 21, 2023

Main Event: Irvin Gonzalez of Worcester, MA was fighting for the vacant WBC Silver Featherweight title against Dannis Aguero Arias of DR. Arias, was the more experienced of the two fighters. In the beginning round, Gonzalez using his head/body movement well to avoid punches. At the end of round 2, Gonzalez was taking a lot of punishment while letting his hands go. Round 3, Arias continually trying to back up Gonzalez against the ropes. Gonzalez taking more punishment. Gonzalez needs to stay off the ropes. Right before the bell Arias/Gonzalez was exchanging and Arias landed on referee Johnny Callas while landing more punishment on Gonzalez and Callas gave Gonzalez the count. Round 4, the doctor is checking on Gonzalez at the beginning of the bell as the round continued it’s becoming an all out war. Arias lands a right on Gonzalez and he drops down hard on the canvas at 2:04 by KO. Arias increased to 20-12 17 Kos and wins the WBC Featherweight title and Gonzalez has a hard time getting out of the ring it appears he injured a portion of his leg. Gonzalez record is now 15-4, 11 Kos.

Lightweight – 6 Rounds: Alejandro Paulino of New London, CT kept his perfect record against Ryizeemion Ford of Ohio. Paulino felt the power of Ford in the 1st when he landed a right hook. During round 3, Paulino landed bringing Ford to the canvas the bout continued with some confusion as to the end of the round. Paulino wants the win and is coming forward trying to end the fight, backing up Ford. As Paulino keeps trying to keep him on the ropes he lets his hands go while Ford keeps circling around Paulino. Round 5 after Paulino landed a right hook on Ford, which hurt him and as Paulino continued on with a multitude of punches, referee Danny Schiavone stopped the bout at 1:17 and gets the TKO victory. Paulino increased to 11-0, 10 Ko’s and Ford decreased to 8-4, 6 Kos.

Light Middleweights - 8 Rounds: Chordale Booker of Stamford, CT had a long 8 round bout when he met up against Angel Hernandez McAllen of Texas. Booker looking fit and trim and Hernandez not as fit and trim. Hernandez tried for the KO with the overhand rights or right hooks. Booker trying to wear down his opponent. There wasn’t any heavy deep down punches nor any knock downs. The judges scored the bout 80-72; 79-73 and 80-72 all in favor of Booker who increased to 18-1, 8 kos and Hernandez goes the other way 17-18-3, 11 kos.

Jr Lightweights – 6 Rounds: “King” Kevin Walsh of Brockton, MA met up against Christian Otero of New York fighting for the vacant New England Jr Lightweight Title, Round 1, Walsh dropped Otero to the canvas for the count by Danny Schiavone. Otero sprung back up like he wasn’t bothered by it. This was mainly a back and forth bout. After 6 rounds and me looking at Otero’s purple hair, the judges scored the bout 58-55 Walsh; 57-56 Otero and 59-54 for Walsh. Walsh is now the NEW New England Jr Lightweight Champ and increased to 7-0, 4 Kos and Otero 4-3, 2 kos.

Super Lightweight – 4 Rounds: Mike “The Savage” Kimbal of Hartford making his pro debut against Robert Banks of Baldwin, NY. Kimbal looks comfortable in the ring. Kept his guard up and moved his body well. At one point during round 2 Kimbal rocked Banks and he tried to end the bout. As the bout continued round 3 was a bit slower in the action. Round 4, Kimbal again landed and rocked Banks he kept trying to end the bout, but referee Johnny Callas had enough and stopped the bout at 1:50. Kimbal gets the win by TKO and gets his 1st victory 1-0 1Ko and Banks 0-2. I’d like to see more of Kimbal.

Welterweights – 6 Rounds: Kendrick Ball Jr. of Worcester, MA had a tough fight against Victor Hugo Exner of Argentina. During round 2, Exner stunned Ball but couldn’t get the finish. Throughout the bout, Exner continuously asking Ball to engage with him and at some points was hitting the back of Ball’s head. Ball isn’t moving as quickly as I’d like. Exner came to fight. Ball continuously circled around Exner. Both trying to keep the other on the ropes or in the corner. Exner landing clean shoots but not enough power to knock down Ball. Round 6 the pace increased Ball needs a knockdown to win. The fans are cheering for the guy from Argentina. After 6 rounds the judges scored the bout 57-57; 58-56 and 57-57 the decision was a majority draw. The fans boo’d and thought Exner won the bout. Ball is now 19-1-3, 12 Kos and Exner 9-12-2, 3 Kos.

Light Middleweights – 6 Rounds: Josniel Castro of Boca Raton, FL fighting to keep his perfect record against Mitch “Gorilla” Louis-Charles of Boston, MA. Castro controlling the bout while keeps his guard up. During round 4 a straight right connected on Castro and dropped Castro to the canvas. Callas immediately stopped the bout. Charles was waiting patiently for the moment to counter. This is Castro’s first loss at 1:57 of the round. Louis-Charles increased to 7-3-2, 4 Kos and Castro suffered his 1st loss 9-1, 7 kos.

Lightweights – 4 Rounds: Stevie Jane Coleman of Columbia, CT vs. Michaele Nogue of New Jersey. As always the females let the hands go. Coleman going to the body head. By round 4 the pace picked up both fighters want the win. Coleman keeping his hands up in check. There were no knock downs. Both fighters fought was a ton of heart. After 4 rounds the judges scored the bout 39-37; 38-38 and 39-37 in favor of Coleman by majority decision. Coleman increased to 4-1, 1 KO and Nogue is now 2-3.

Heavyweights – 4 Rounds: Chad Leoncello of Brockton, MA for the ring walk walked out towards the ring having a heart felt moment with someone close to him that was in a wheelchair. In the 1st Chad landed a great left on Gabriel Aguilar Costa of Woburn, Ma. Leoncello definitely has a weight advantage. Costa a bit stiff on the defense. During the 2nd, Leoncello landed another left and he received the count. Costa continues on jabbing while Leoncello tries to knock out Costa. Round 4 was an exciting back and forth action. After the 4 rounds the judges scored the bout 38-37 – Costa; 38-37 Leoncello and 38-37 – Costa. Costa wins by Split decision and inproves to 1-3-0 and Leoncello decreased to 1-1-1. This bout was a rematch.

Non New England Bouts: Co-Main Event: MMA fighter, John Gotti III of New York took controlled the action against Alex Citrowski of Minnesota. Citrowski didn’t make it one round when Gotti dropped him 3 times and referee Johnny Callas stopped the bout right before the bell at 2:59 of round 1. Gotti increased to 2-0, 2 kos and Citrowski 1-2-1, 1 ko.


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