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The Pride of Providence Wins Again while Martinez suffers his 1st lost at Foxwoods - CES Boxing Resu

Main Event, Peter “The Pride of Providence” Manfredo Jr. of Providence, RI just fought on November 23, 2019, by 1st round knockout and got back in the ring against Milton Nunez of Florida. Opening round both fighters feeling each other out. Peter seems a bit frustrated in the ring. By the end of the round, Manfredo was more accurate with his punches. Round 2 Manfredo was pushed to the canvas by Nunez. Round 3 Manfredo hurt Nunez with a body shot but didn’t finish him off. Manfredo has a cut near his left eye. During round 4, the Doctor, Michael Schwartz, stopped the bout due to the corner requesting the stoppage at 1:39 and Manfredo increased to 42-7-1, 22 Kos and Nunez decreased to 37-23-1, 32 Kos.

SUPER FEATHERWEIGHTS – 6 ROUNDS: Irvin Gonzalez of Worcester, Ma met up against Omar Etheridge of Greensboro, NC. Gonzalez came in trim and ready and Etheridge a bit shorter and not as trim. I did not see Irvin’s dad in the corner. In round 1, Gonzalez dropped Etheridge and he received the count. As the bout continued Irvin setting up Etheridge with the jab and dropped Etheridge with a body shot. Etheridge trying to knock out Gonzalez. Towards the end of round 1, Etheridge was dropped again. It was a disappointing round for Etheridge but a great round for Gonzalez being a 10-7 round. At the advice of the doctor this bout was stopped before the opening bell of round 2. Gonzalez increased to 13-2, 10 kos and Etheridge 4-3, 3 kos.

FEATHERWEIGHTS – 6 ROUNDS: Local boxer Nathan Martinez of New Britain, CT stepped his game with his 1st 6 rounder when he had a back and forth, in your pocket bout against Yeuri Andujar of Reading, PA. Round 2 Andujar trying to open up Martinez. Round 3 both fighters are in the pocket trying to land. Round 4, 5 and 6 was pretty much the same with the pace consistent. After 6 rounds and no knockdowns, both fighters giving their best with no loll in the action. Judges scored the bout in and favor of Andujar, 58-56; 58-56 and 59-55 and Martinez suffered his 1st lost. Martinez is now 6-1, 2 Kos and Andujar 5-2 3 kos.

WELTERWEIGHTS – 4 ROUNDS: Joseph Goss of Bridgeport, CT took on Matt Probin of Lewiston, Maine. Goss working the jab and Probin trying to the knockdown. After 4 rounds with no knockdowns the judges scored the bout in favor of Goss by majority decision, 40-36; 38-38 and 39-37. Goss is now 2-0 and Probin 2-4.

SUPER LIGHTWEIGHTS – 4 ROUNDS: Pro debut of Carlos Ojeda-Perez of New Haven, CT met up against southpaw, DelQuan Dennis of South Carolina. Perez looked great while making his pro debut. He let his hands to, went to the body as well as the head. This was not an easy bout for either fighters making their pro debut. After 4 rounds with no knockdowns all three judges scored the fight 40-36 in favor of Ojeda-Perez and the winner by UD. Perez is now 1-0 and Dennis 0-1.

FEMALES – LIGHTWEIGHTS – 6 ROUNDS - Marcia Agripino of New London, CT went up against Michelle Cook of Massena, NY. After 6 rounds of Agripino controlling the bout, Agripino won by UD and increased to 4-2-1 and Cook 1-2-2. Judges scored the bout 59-55; 58-56 and 58-56.

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