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Manfredo scores BIG with 1st round KO. Orta upsets Valentin for the Maj Decision.

Main Event: Light heavyweights - 10 Rounds: “The Pride of Providence” PETER MANFREDO JR. of Province, RI returned to the ring in the main event against MELVIN RUSSELL of Llyod, Kentucky. The last time Manfredo was in the ring was back on May 13, 2016 when a draw was called when he went up against Vladine Biosse (15-7-2). In round 1 Manfredo lands a body shot and Russell went down. Prior to the body shot, Russell did not do much of anything in the ring. Manfredo gets the KO victory at 1:19 of round 1 and increased to 41-7-1, 22 Kos and Russell 11-8-2, 7 Kos. Super Lightweights – 8 Rounds: NICK DELOMBA of Cranston, RI met up against DIEGO VICENTE PEREZ of Argentina. After 3 rounds with Delomba controlling the bout at 2:33 of round 3 Delomba received the TKO victory and increased to 16-2, 5 kos and Perez decreased to 13-9-1, 11 Kos. Super featherweights - 6 Rounds: Local favorite MICHAEL “BLING BLING” VALENTIN of Providence, RI against JOSHUA ORTA of Springfield, Massachusetts. Both fighters weren't afraid to put their perfect record on the line. Orta continuously trying to back up Valentin but not letting his hands go. Once against the ropes/corner Orta was too close at times to land any significant hard punches. Valentin landing in the early rounds and pot shooted Orta. After 6 rounds no knockdowns the judges scored the bout 57-57; 59-55 and 58-56 for Orta. Orta increased to 6-0, 2 kos and Valentin 6-1-1, 1 Ko. Welterweights - 6 Rounds: VICTOR REYNOSO of Providence, RI who always comes to the ring with some interesting ring wear went the distance against ROQUE ZAPATA of Virginia. Reynoso going to the body and working the jab. Zapata keeps cirling around Reynoso. By the 4th the action picked up with Reynoso dominating. Reynoso landed some great shots but couldn't knock Zapata down. Zapata has a great chin and one tough opponent. Reynoso ended up with a welt under his left eye. After 6 rounds the judges scored the bout 59-55; 60-54 and 60-54 for Reynoso. Reynoso increased to 6-0, 5 Kos and Zapata 6-3-5. Light heavyweights - 4 Rounds: Making his pro debut from Cranston, RI, GARY BALLETTO III took on LUIS INIGUEZ of Washington. Balletto looking composed in the ring, controlling the bout. With 60 seconds left of the bout Balletto landed a right and a left and Iniguez went down to the canvas. Balletto won by TKO at 2:40 left in the round and increased to 1-0, 1 KO and Iniguez 2-3-1. Cruiserweights – 4 Rounds: CHAD LEONCELLO of Brockton, MA made his pro debut against OMAR ACOSTA of Texas. Round 2, Leoncello went down from a body shot. In the corner, Leoncello breathing heavy. After 4 rounds with slow motion action. Round 4 a point was taken away for elieve Acosta's mouth piece coming out. Acosta landed some great shots but didn't follow up on Leoncello. Judges scored the bout 38-36 for Acosta and 37-37; 37-37 we have a majority draw. Lightweights, 4 rounds: Females were in action and both from Everett, Mass. SHAYNA FOPPIANO had a back and forth bout against RAQUEL SANTOS who made her pro debut. Foppinao kept trying to back up Santos but didn't get to back her up against the ropes. Foppinao's stance had a small bounce to her step or more like a shimmy shimmy. Round 2, Santos landed a great right hook on Foppianno and in turn Foppinao landed on Santos. Great round 2 for both fighters. All in all a great fight. After 4 rounds, no knockdowns the judges scored the bout 38-38; 39-37 and 40-36 for Foppinao by majority decision. Foppinao increased to 2-0, 1 kos and Santos is now 0-1. Light Heavyweights - 6 Rounds: BRIAN BARBOSA of Providence, RI against TIM CRONIN of Canada. Barbosa hasn't found since 2013. Barbosa trying to knock out Cronin and Cronin not landing with much power. After 6 rounds, no knockdowns, Judges scored the bout 57-57; 59-55 and 59-55 and Barbosa won by majority decision and increased to 31-7, 23 kos and Cronin decreased to 11-4-2, 2 kos. Super lightweights - 4 Rounds: WILSON MASCARENHAS of New Bedford, MA met up against JOSE ZARAGOZA of Missouri. After 4 rounds with no knockdowns, back and forth action with Zaragoza not letting up on Mascarenhas all the judges scored the bout 39-37. Mascarenhas increased to 3-1 and Zaragoza 2-1. Super Lightweights - 4 Rounds: ADALBERTO ZORRILLA of Brockton, MA vs. ANDY AIELLO of Bridgewater, MA. This bout didn't happen.

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