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Results from the 4th Annual Willie Pep Invitational

Results are in from the 4th Annual Willie Pep Invitational from South Windsor, Connecticut:

JO Junior - Ryan Zempoaltec - Boston Boxing (Mass) vs. Jose Rodriguez - COBA (CT)

Doctor stopped the fight.

WINNER: Zempoaltec

Masters - Chris White - Rude Dog Boxing (CT) vs. Paul Iannuzi - Rude Dog Boxing (CT)

WINNER: Iannuzi

Novice - Mickey Vazquez - Central City Boxing (Mass) vs. Edgar Martinez - COBA (CT)

WINNER: Vazquez

JO - Faith Rego - HUF Gym (Canada) vs. Jamillah Chisholm - MWC (CT)


Open - Ian Garcia - Riveras Boxing and Fitness vs. Alberto Bermudez - Boxing in Faith (CT)

WINNER: Bermudez

Open - Denzel Whitley - Whitley Boxing (Mass) vs. Josh Foster - Boxing in Faith (CT)

WINNER: Foster

Open - Carlos Castillo - Whitley Boxing (Mass) vs. Demani Williams - COBA (CT)

WINNER: Williams

Open - Leo Kamara - CK Boxing (Canada) vs. Felix Parrilla - Boxing in Faith (CT)

Kamara had the count in the 3rd.

WINNER: Parrilla

Open/Elite - Tristen Brookes - Battle Arts (Canada) vs. Jhon Devers - Worc Boys and Girls Club (Mass)

Brookes had the count in the 2nd/Devers had the count round 2 and 3.

WINNER: Brookes

Masters - Tammer Abrahem - Aces Boxing Gym (New Jersey) vs. Robert Ford - COBA (CT)

Abrahem retired at the stool after round 1.


Outstanding Bout of the night was awarded to Carlos Castillo vs. Demani Williams

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