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Vukosa is the NEW World Boxing Council United States (USNBC) Heavy Champ over Cusumano

Main Event – 8 Rounds: Heavyweights Juiseppe Cusumano of Virginia met up against Steve Vukosa of Quincy, Mass. for the vacant World Boxing Council United States (USNBC) Heavy Title. Both fighters seemed like they need more cardio before this match up with Cusumano being the more muscular of the two fighters. By the 2nd round, Vukosa already looks winded. Round 3, Vukosa landed a right on Cusumano and dropped him. Vukosa tried to stop the fight but Cusumano held on. This was not a rockem sockem fight. The few times that Vukosa hurt Cusumano, Vukosa didn’t follow up. After 8 rounds the judges scored the bout 76-75; 77-74 and 76-75.

Vukosa is now 11-1, 4 kos and Cusumano 18-3, 16 kos.

Undefeated Jamaine Ortiz of Worcester, MA, in a scheduled 8 round co-main event met up against Romain Couture of California. They were fighting for the vacant World Boxing Council Youth World Super Light Title. Ortiz is wearing down Couture with his fast hands. Picking his punches. By the 5th Ortiz is showboating in the ring but can’t put Couture away. All 8 rounds Ortiz dominated Couture. Judges scored the bout 80-72; 80-72; 80-72. Ortiz left the ring with a left eye welt.

The champ Jamaine Ortiz increased to 12-0, 6 kos and Romain Couture decreased to 8-2-1, 4 kos.

Featherweights – 6 Rounds: Ricky De Los Santos of Pawtucket, R.I. against Yeuri Andujar of Penn. De Los Santos has a fight in front of him. Andujar backing up De Los Santos but can’t keep him on the ropes. De Los Santos landing some great shots. This is a fight the fans want to see. Both fighters have a great chin. By the 5th Andujar taking most of the punishment. Round 6, twice De Los Santos dropped Andujar by a right. Judges scored the bout 59-53; 59-53 and 60-52 in favor of De Los Santos by UD and he increased to 9-0, 1 Ko and Andujar 4-2, 3 kos.

Lightweights – 6 Rounds: Michael “Bling Bling” Valentin of Providence, RI, against Philadelphia's Lonnie Jackson Jr. This was a tough bout for Bling Bling. Jackson’s stance is straight up with Bling Bling being the shorter of the two fighters. Bling Bling brought his fan base with him. This bout wasn’t as busy as I’d like it. Both fighters jabbing. Jackson kept changing stances. There was talking in the ring. Jackson can’t cut the ring off. Bling Bling circling around. After 6 rounds the judges scored it 59-55; 57-57 and 57-57. We have a majority draw. Valentin 6-0-1, 1 ko and Jackson 4-2-1, 1 ko.

Welterweights – 6 Rounds: Marqus Bates of Taunton, MA, against vet Evincii Dixon of Penn. Ray Oliveiria working the corner of Bates. Bates having trouble with Dixon in the ring. During round 4, Dixon scored the knockdown on Bates with a right hand. After the bout continued Bates got dropped again and Claudio gave the count, as the bout continued Dixon caused too much damage on Bates on referee Eddie Claudio stopped the bout right at the end of round 4. Upset of the night. Dixon wins by TKO and increased to 9-23-2, 4 kos and Bates decreased to 7-3, 5 Kos.

Super lightweights – 4 Rounds: Elijah Peixoto of East Providence, RI, vs. "Slick Hands" Carlos Otero of Tampa, Fl. Peixoto took control of the bout jabbing his way in, shooting combinations. Working the body and the head and wearing down Otera. In round 4, Peixoto lands a left hook and Otero gets the count. After 4 rounds the judges scored the bout 40-35; 40-35 and 40-35. Peixoto increased to 2-0, 1 ko and Otero, 2-1.

Super welterweights – 4 Rounds: Victor Reynoso of Providence, RI against Kenny Chery of Canada. The bout started off with quick pace from both fighters. Both fighters flat footed. Round 2, Reynoso is looking for the knockdown. Chery doesn’t look like he has too much power. Reynoso dropped Chery with a left hook. Right before the bell it looked like Reynoso got the knockdown a second time but referee Eddie Claudio scored it a push. Round 3 after a multitude of punches Chery goes down to one knee and Claudio gave Chery the count. As the bout continued Claudio stepped in between the two fighters and stopped the bout. Reynoso advances to 5-0, 5 kos by TKO and Chery 2-3, 1 ko.

Junior Middleweights – 4 Rounds: Lamont Powell of Providence, R.I. vs the veteran. Ricardo Garcia of Penn. Garcia has fought 22 fights to Powell’s 4. Powell was the taller of the two fighters. Working the corner for Powell, Jason Estrada. Powell working the jab, while Garcia good on the counter and landing that left hook. After 4 rounds with no knockdown the judges scored the bout 39-37; 39-37 and 40-35. Powell increased to 5-0, 1 Ko and Garcia 14-8-1, 9 kos.

Welterweights – 4 Rounds: Nicholas Briggs of Worcester vs Bryan Goldsby of Georgia. A lot of roughness in the earlier rounds. Round 3 a point was deducted from referee Eddie Claudio because Goldsby was holding. After 4 rounds with no knockdowns and Briggs controlling the bout, Briggs wins by UD. Judges scored the bout 40-35; 40-35 and 39-36 in favor of Briggs. Briggs increased to 5-0, 3 Kos and Goldsby 5-14.

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