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Results from CES Foxwoods Casino


Foxwoods Casino – Connecticut] – Main Event – 8 Rounds: – Chad Dawson of New Haven, CT faced North Carolina vet Quinton Rankin of North Carolina. Dawson looks composed in the ring and the taller of the two fighters. Dawson didn’t take any time to feel out his opponent. He already is started out with combinations. Throughout the bout, Dawson trying to keep him on the ropes. Rankin trying to keep Dawson off with the jab. Rankin continuing holding down Dawson in the back of his head. Dawson out skilled Rankin. Round 5, Rankin landed with an uppercut and Dawson went down to a knee. Then Rankin unleased with a multitude of punches and referee took a point away from Rankin. By the end of the bout, Dawson developed a swollen left eye. Another point taken away for an elbow against Rankin during round 7. The best rounds were round 5 forward. Judges scored the bout 80-68; 78-72; 78-72 all in favor of Dawson.

Dawson increased to 35-5, 19 KO Quinton Rankin decreased to 15-6-2, 12 KOs

Co-Main Event – 10 Rounds – Featherweight Division New Haven’s Southpaw Tramaine Williams against the Filipino Neil John Tabanao. Slow start for both fighters. Williams using his footwork well, turning and waiting on the counter. Tabanao using his head movement well. Williams continuously landing with 1 punch but he doesn’t follow up. This was not an in your pocket type of fight nor was there much of hands letting go. Both fighters were being very cautious, not engaging. After 10 rounds, with no knockdowns, Williams gets the UD victory, 99-91; 99-91 and 98-92. Williams increased to 18-0, 6 kos and Tabanao, 17-6, 11 kos.

Tramaine Williams increased to 18-0, 6 KOs and Neil John Tabanao is now 17-6, 11 KOs.

Super welterweights – 6 Rounds: Jose Rivera returning from Cali to Manchester, Conn. took on Luca Podda. Rivera got caught at one point in the bout and preceded cautiously. Mostly Back and forth action. When Podda lands, Rivera waives him on to continue. Round 4, Rivera landed a right on Podda and Podda received the count. By the 5th Rivera landing some heavy shots. Podda has a great chin. By the 6th Rivera is tired, hands down low. After 6 rounds, all 3 judges scored the bout 59-54 in favor of Rivera. Rivera increased to 8-4, 5 kos and Podda 7-4, 3 kos.

Featherweights – 4 Rounds: Nathan Martinez of Bridgeport, Conn kept his perfect record against Minnesota's Jose Homar Rios of Minnesota. In the opening round, Martinez controlled it until the point when Rios landed a body shot on Martinez and Martinez didn’t like the feel of it. After that Homar came alive in all 4 rounds and we have a back n forth action. Both doing body head combos. All 3 judges scored the bout 40-36 in favor of Martinez. Martinez increased to 4-0, 1 Ko and Rios 2-7-1, 1 ko.

Lightweights – 6 Rounds: Oscar Bonilla of Bridgeport, Conn., went the scheduled 6 rounds against Julio Perez of Worcester, Mass. Throughout the bout, Oscar walking down Perez, backing him up but Oscar couldn’t keep Perez on the ropes or cut off the ring. Perez kept circling around Oscar. Fight was mostly at a distance and Perez landing right hooks on Oscar. All 3 judges scored the bout 59-55 in favor of Bonilla. Bonilla increased to 6-3-2, 1 ko and Perez 4-4.

Oscar Bonilla (5-3-2, 1 KO) Julio Perez (4-3)

Junior welterweights – 4 Rounds: Wilson Mascarenhas of New Bedford, Mass., faced Anthony Ramirez of Philly. Mascarenhas shooting a lot of combinations on Ramirez. Ramirez doesn’t seem to be doing much damage to Mascarenhas. After 4 rounds and Ramirez’s face a bit red, it was all Mascarenhas controlling the bout with all 3 judges scoring the same 40-36. Mascarenhas increased to 2-1 and Ramirez 0-1.

Flyweight – Females – 4 Rounds: The pro debut of Marisa Belenchia of New Haven, CT won by UD against Delaney Owen of Clearwater, Fla., Both fighters going to the head, coming forward, no angles with not too much body action. Busy tho, letting their hands go. In the 2nd Belenchia lands a right that hurt Owen. At the end Owen finished with a nasty cut near her right eye. Judges scored the bout all in favor of Belenchia 40-36 3x. Belenchia 1-0 and Owen 0-3.

Jacob “Lefty: Marrero was not on the card.

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