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"El Gallo" Jose Antonio Rivera is Victorious by Split Decision against Travis "Sweet

[Worcester, Massachusetts]

Jose Antonio Rivera of Worcester, Mass, Rivera won by split decision in the main event entitled “Quest for 50”. This being Rivera’s 50th pro boxing card against Travis “Sweet Feet” Scott of Baton Rouge, LA. The bout started off slow and the paced picked up but not as busy as I’d like it. Scott having the height advantage, kept his guard up and came straight forward working the jab to the head. Scott developed a welt near his eye. Rivera going to the body and continually trying to back up Scott but can’t cut the ring off to keep him on the ropes. By the 3rd, Jose’s Corner giving commands of “Keep up the pressure”. At the end of round 5, Referee Kevin Hope called a knock down and gave Rivera the count. Towards the end of the bout, both fighters are exhausted. After 8 rounds and Rivera was victorious by split decision 77-74 for Rivera; 76-75 for Scott and 76-75 for Rivera. Rivera increases to 43-6-1, 25 Kos and Scott 19-6, 5Kos.

Super Middleweights – 6 Rounds: Kendrick “Peppa” Ball, Jr. of Worcester, Ma had an entertaining opponent from the Bronx, NY, Juan Celin Zapta. Round 1, Ball drops Zapta with a right hook, left hook as the bout continues Peppa set him up immediately with a body/head combo and Zepta went down. He springs up trying for the KO. Right before the bell Peppa knocked him down again but it wasn’t counted. Round 2, Zapta goes down and is such an awkward fighter. Zapta knows he’s losing so he’s doing everything he can to knock Peppa out with looping punches. Round 3, Zapta goes down and jumps up to beat the count and then goes down again. And again for the 3rd time in this round. The referee Paul Casey had enough and stopped the bout at 2:34 and Peppa is now 13-1-2, 9 Kos and Zapata, 6-15-2, 4 Kos.

Heavyweights – 4 Rounds: If you blinked during the Owen Minor of Worcester, Mass match up against Joseph Raposo of Medford, Mass who was a last minute replacement you missed it. Minor was originally scheduled to fight Alejandro Esquilin Santiango of Tampa, FL. Minor who had control the entire time landed, knocking him out with a hook and dropped Raposo at 39 seconds of round 1. Minor increased to 2-0, 2 Ko and Raposo 0-1.

Jr. Welterweights – 6 Rounds: Sydney Maccow of Brooklyn, NY met up against Everett Anthony of Lawrence, MA fighting for the vacant New England Jr Welterweight title. Maccow carefully breaking down Anthony, controlling the bout and due to a massive hematoma on Everett's forehead, resulting from an unintentional headbutt the bout was stopped so we have a no contest and unfortunately no one gets the belt but after the bout, who came in the ring, Wilfredo Pagan and he wants his belt… Will that be the next match up… we shall see. Maccow stays at 6-8 and Everett 1-7.

Jr. Lightweights – 4 Rounds: Philip Davis of Worcester, Massachusetts had an in your face, back n forth match up with Henry Garcia of New Bedford, MA. Davis trying to back up Garcia but can’t keep him on the ropes. Garcia waiting on the counter. Davis needs more defense but controlling the bout. After 4 rounds of an exciting match up, with no knock downs. Both fighters landing their fair share of punches. The judges scored the bout 40-36; 40-36; 40-36 in favor of Davis. Davis increased to 2-1-1 and Garcia 0-3-1. (My pick for the “BEST FIGHT OF THE NIGHT”).

Welterweights – 4 Rounds: “The Special One” Sharad Collier of Hartford, Conn. didn’t even put up a sweat tonight when he faced Bruno Dias of Woburn, MA and looked great doing it. It all happened in the 1st round when Collier dropped him 3x all within 30 seconds of round 1 with the last being a right hook. That was it, Referee Kevin Hope stopped it and TKO victory goes to Collier. Collier is now 2-0-1, 2 kos and Dias 0-8.

Welterweights – 4 Rounds: Making his pro debut, Elijah Peixoto of East Providence, RI received his 1st victory by TKO against Carlos Galindo of Woburn, Mass. This bout was all Peixoto. During round 1, Peixoto continuing going to the body with some deep body shots. As the round continued Peixoto dropped Galindo with a right hand then dropped him again to a knee due to a body shot and right before the end of the round, Peixoto dropped him again to the canvas from a left hook. Great round for Peixoto (10-7 round). During round 2, Peixoto dropped him again but Galindo will not give up. At 56 seconds of round 2, Peixoto landed another body shot and down Galindo went. Referee Kevin Hope called a halt to the bout. Congrats on your TKO victory. Peixoto 1-0, 1 ko and Galindo, 1-11.

Event: “Quest For 50"

Venue: The Palladium in Worcester, MA.

Co-promoted by Shearns Boxing Promotions and Rivera Promotions Entertainment

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