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Mykey is the WBC USNBC Lightweight Champ, Irvin Gonzalez Suffered his 1st loss, Toka Wins by TKO and

Main Event: “Marvelous” Mykquan Williams of East Hartford, Connecticut put his undefeated record on the line while competing in his first scheduled 10 round bout when he faced Rickey Edwards of Paterson, NJ. The vacant WBC USNBC Lightweight title was on the line. Paul Cichon still the head in the corner of Williams. Williams backing up Edwards, controlling the bout. Edmunds not doing much to do any damage to Williams. Edwards complaining about Williams hitting behind the head to the referee. Edwards’ punches do not seem to effect Williams. During the end of the rounds Williams enjoyed sharing some words to Edwards. The majority of the bout was the same. Edwards circling around Williams while Williams tried to keep him backed up against the ropes. There were no knock downs and after 10 rounds the judges scored the bout 96-94; 97-93 and 100-90 by UD in favor of Williams. Williams increased to 15-0, 7 kos and Edwards 12-3, 3 Kos.

In the scheduled 8 round co-main event, featherweight Irvin Gonzalez Jr. of Worcester, MA did not have the fight that he had hoped for against southpaw Elijah Pierce of Oklahoma. Gonzalez coming forward backing up Pierce. OMG round 1 Irvin gets hit with a body shot and was hurt then get drops by left hook when he unleased everything on Gonzalez. Gonzalez gets back up and Pierce knew he was hurt and capitalized on it with more punches and the right hand that dropped Gonzalez again. (10-7 round) down. Round 2, Pierce is overpowering Gonzalez. .Gonzalez needs to keep his hand ups. Round 3 Gonzalez’s punches don’t seem to phase Pierce. Referee Murdaugh stopped the bout after Gonzalez received a multitude of punches and Gonzalez pushed the ref once he stopped the bout. Pierce won by TKO at 2:12 and advances to 9-1, 8 kos and the new WBC USNBC Silver Featherweight champ and Gonzalez suffered his 1st loss and is now 12-1, 9 kos

Junior lightweights, southpaw Toka Kahn Clary of Providence, Rhode Island met up against Carlos Reyes of the Dominican Republic The chief second was not Peter Manfredo Sr. nor was he in the corner. In the 1st round Reyes is already cut above the right eye (corner did a great job with the cut). It was a back and forth 1st round. Toka trying to set up Reyes with the jab, moving his head well and keeping his guard up. Round 3 Toka lands a right hook and Reyes gets the count (10-8 round). By the 4th electricity in the ring with Reyes and a bloody nose. Reyes needs more defensive. Round 5 Toka drops Reyes and referee Murdock stops the bout at .39 seconds and wins by TKO. The corner Reyes didn’t like the stoppage but Toka couldn’t be happier. Toka Kahn Clary advances to 26-3, 18 kos and Carlos Reyes 33-6-1, 23 kos.

Junior welterweights Adrian Sosa of Lawrence, MA, took on Benjamin Borteye of Maryland in a scheduled six-round that only lasted 1 round due to Sosa having an easy bout against Borteye due to his massive body shots that were too much for Borteye. At 1:39 of the 1st round Borteye went down and received the court from Johnny Callas and he didn’t get up. Sosa wins by KO and increased to 11-0, 9 Kos. and Borteye decreased to 4-7, 4 Kos.

Junior Lightweights, Jacob “Lefty” Marrero of Bridgeport, CT went the distance and didn’t get the TKO/KO victory this time around against Hugo Aguilar of Mexico. Working as the Chief second was Carlos Nieves, his trainer since the amateurs. Marrero controlled the bout, could have been busier in between throwing punches but overall did what he needed to do. Round 4 referee Johnny Callas gave Nieves the count after Marrero landed hooks on Nieves. After 4 rounds the judges scored the bout 40-35; 40-35; 40-35. Marrero increased to 3-0, 2 Kos and Nieves 0-8.

Junior welterweight hot prospect Anthony Marsella Jr. of Providence, RI, unfortunately did not fight tonight. During Marsella’s comments in the ring, Sosa’s fans wanted Marsella to fight Sosa.

Promoter: DiBella Entertainment

Venue: Foxwoods Resort Casino

Event: Broadway Boxing on Friday, May 17

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