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Ortiz Finishes Off Jones at 1:50 of Round 1

Jamaine Ortiz the WBC World Youth Lightweight Champion of Worcester, Massachusetts didn’t even build up a sweet we he had a scheduled 8 round bout against Vitor Jones from Brazil. During round 1 was mostly back and forth action until Ortiz landed a left, then a right and dropped Jones and Danny Schiavone called off the bout at 1:50 of round 1. Ortiz increased to 11-0, 5 Kos and Jones 15-5, 9 Kos.

Featherweights – 8 Rounds - Rickey Delossantos of Pawtucket, RI vs. German Meraz of Mexico. Meraz going into the ring with 118 bouts in the ring. Delossantos controlled the bout, landed the more precise punches. Meraz is bleeding in the back of his head. After 8 rounds with no knock downs all 3 judges scored it in favor of Delossantos by UD, 80-72. Delossantos increased to 8-0, 1 ko and Meraz 62-55-2, 39 kos.

Welterweights – 6 rounds: Marqus Bates of Taunton met up against Wilfredo Pagan of Southbridge. Pagan hasn’t lost a fight since. (This bout was the fight of the night). Pagan trying to get in while circling around Bates. Bates looking more relaxed in the ring. What a great round 2, both fighters giving it there all. At times Bates controlling, then Pagan, both fighters almost fell out of the ring. Pagan’s face is as bright as a tomato. Round 3, Bates connects right to the body and down goes Pagan in pain. Bates gets the TKO victory at 2:34 and increased to 7-2, 5 kos and Pagan suffered his 1st loss 6-1, 3 kos.

Junior Middleweights – 4 Rounds: Lamont Powell of Providence, R.I. took on Luca Podda of Miami. Round 1, Powell drops Podda and he gets the count. Powell looks more relax in the ring while Podda having an awkward style of fighting. Powell definitely took the punch count in this bout. Powell controlling the bout and landing more of the accurate punches. Podda didn’t do much in the earlier rounds. After 4 rounds the judges scored the bout 39-36; 40-35 and 40-35. Powell increased to 4-0, 1 ko and Podda 7-3, 3 kos.

Junior Middleweights – 4 rounds: Victor Reynoso of Providence, R.I. had an easy bout against Yasmani Pedroso of Miami, Fla. Pedroso looking out of shape in the ring while Reynoso trim and ready for his bout. Reynoso starting off round 1 while not letting his hands go while getting no opposition from Pedroso. Round 2 Reynoso drops Pedroso and Danny Schiavone gives him the count. At the end of round 2, Pedroso had enough and left the ring before the start of round 3. The crowd went crazy for Reynoso and get the TKO victory. Reynoso increased to 4-0, 4 kos and Pedroso, 2-6, 1 ko.

Super lightweight – 4 rounds: Wilson Mascarenhas of New Bedford, MA was scheduled to fight the pro debut of Joseph Clark of Franklin, N.Y. but instead fought Stacey Anderson of Virginia. Anderson was so excited to start this fight that he ran into the ring and almost fell. Anderson ended up with a bloody nose. Mascarenhas controlled the bout, broke down Anderson and ended up with the UD victory. All 3 judges scored it 40-36. Mascarenhas aka “Team Will Will” increased to 1-1 and Anderson can’t get a win under his belt, 0-6.

Welterweights - 4 rounds: Nicholas Briggs of Worcester, Massachusetts had an easy no sweat fight against Latorie Woodberry of Roanoke, Virginia. Just when the bout started at .43 Briggs lands right and then a left. Seemed to me behind the ear and drops Woodberry to the canvas and gets the TKO victory. Briggs increases to 4-0, 3 Kos and Woodberry 2-10-2.

Super Featherweights - 4 rounds: 19 year old Michael “Bling Bling” Valentin of Providence, R.I. fought Charles Johnson of Missouri. Bling Bling doing the body/head combination. At the end of round 2 words were past to each other in the ring. Johnson gave Bling Bling a fight. Round 3 Bling Bling took a shot to his chin, which was the best punch of the bout and Bling Bling stuck his tongue out. After 4 rounds, no knock downs, Bling Bling is victorious and increases to 6-0, 1 KO and Johnson 0-3-4. The judges scored the bout 38-38; 39-37; 39-37 in favor of Valentin by majority decision.

Middleweights – 4 rounds: Anthony Concepcion of neighboring Providence, Rhode Island took on Leonardo Ladeira of Revere, Mass who made his pro debut. Concepcion the better of the two fighters wasn’t as busy as I’d like to see a boxer, out boxed Ladeira. Ladeira never fell down but in round 2 after a multitude of punches and a great left landing on Ladeira at 2:28 referee Danny Schiavone called a halt to the bout and Concepcion gets the TKO victory and increases to 3-0, 3 Kos. Ladeira 0-1.

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