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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Las Vegas, NV (April 16, 2019)- Boxing has a new digital platform. A new and free way to watch some of the best fights in the United States:

Introducing Warfare Sports.

Warfare Sports is a direct to consumer application that will bring the best boxing action to the fans all over the world.

Over the next year, Warfare Sports is planning 24 live events plus shoulder programming.

Warfare Sports will be available on the World-Wide-Web, Mobile Devices (Apple and Android), Roku, Amazon Fire and Chromcast

Warfare Sports in the brainchild of Jesse Carstairs. Carstairs a Nevada native had the idea after certain fight series have gone on the wayside, and he feels that there is a market for high-quality boxing events that will showcase fighters who are just a step or two from fighting for world titles.

"Our initial focus is on that mid-level market when it comes to professional boxing. An example, when a fighter would get wins on ESPN2 Friday Night Fights, then take that step up to HBO and Showtime for a 'Big-Level' fight or title fight. With the end goal being in a position to compete at the highest level as a digital television sports network," said Carstairs.

"Warfare Sports will be working with promoters like Joe DeGuardia's StarBoxing and Marshall Kauffmans King's Promotions, and we are open to working with other promoters as well who fit our model."

Signed on to do the on-air commentary is International Boxing Hall of Famer Al Bernstein, UFC superstar Megan Anderson and 18-year boxing commentator and insider Marc Abrams.

"The renaissance of boxing in the past several years is built on two things. 1. Good, competitive matches that fans can enjoy. 2. Boxing being available on many platforms to fit the communication age we now live in. The boxing schedule of Warfare Sports fits both of those narratives and that's why I am so delighted to be a part of this new endeavor. The Warfare model of experienced promoters providing exciting boxing with a top notch production crew chronicling the event is a winning combination. Hosting these shows will be a labor of love for me and I look forward to a successful and enjoyable collaboration with Warfare Sports," said Bernstein.

"This is a terrific platform not only for myself but for all boxers that will be able showcase their skills on Warfare Sports," said Marshall Kauffman of King's Promotions. "I have had the pleasure of doing some amazing TV shows in the past, but this here is special because it is a partnership with Warfare Sports.

I truly believe that this partnership will help to elevate the boxers to the next level in their career."

The Initial rollout for Warfare Sports will be in early May for the web and Roku, with Apple, Android, Amazon Fire and Smart TV to follow.

For more information on Warfare Sports, contact Jesse Carstairs at 917-912-2892 or


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