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Kendrick "Peppa" Ball, Jr is the New England middleweight Champ


Kendrick "Peppa" Ball, Jr. of Worcester, Mass finally can say he was the main event when he stepped in the ring Friday night against Danny "Feel Good Hollywood" Rosenberger of Youngstown, Ohio with the vacant New England middleweight title up for grabs. Ball listening to his corner well. His dad, Kenrick Ball as the head. Ball setting up with the jab. Ball controlling the rounds, backing up Rosenberger, ball is fighting with his hands down by his midsection. Rosenberger tying up Ball. Round 3 Ball taking some hard shots to the chin and boy what a chin he has. Ball landed a great body shot in the 4th, it may have hurt Rosenberger. Both are swinging for knockouts. Round 6, Rosenberger backed up Ball with multitude of punches and through Ball off balance but didn’t finish him off. After 6 hard fought rounds the judges scored the bout in favor of Ball, 59-55; 60-54; 60-54 and the new New England middleweight champ. Ball increased to 12-1-2, 8 Kos and Rosenberger 4-7-4, 1 Ko.

Undefeated Southbridge, MA welterweight Wilfredo "El Sucaro" Pagan of Southbridge is making his home in Worcester with all 6 of Pagan’s fights in Worcester. Carlos Galindo, his opponent of Woburn, is a fighter who will always come to fight. He’s very tough but not as skilled as Pagan. Galindo slapping his punches more than punching. Pagan controlling the bout with both fighters landing some shots. Pagan’s corner shooting “angles”. Pagan kept his perfect record when he fought a 4 rounder and increased to 6-0, 3 Kos and Galindo 1-8. The judges scored the bout 39-37; 40-36 and 40-36.

Making his pro debut was 32-year-old, 6’ 1”, Owen Minor met up against Corey Morley of Philly in a 4 rounder. Morley weighed in at 279 pounds and Minor 232 was more muscular of the two. Minor brought his fan base with him. Minor worked the jab. Morley complaining of a low blow in round 1. Minor trying to throw off Morley by stomping his foot but not jabbing. Round 2 Minor looing confident in the ring. Ken Ball giving great commands in the corner. Morley is out of breath and keeps tying up Minor Round 3, Morley complained he was hit low again and just bent over. Referee Jack Morrell stopped the bout and Morley just wasn’t happy at 44 seconds of round 3 and Minor gets his 1st win at 1-0, 1 ko by TKO and Morley 0-3-1.

In all of junior lightweight Carlos Marrero III of Bridgeport, Conn bouts, Marrero just can’t seem to get a win under his belt. But this all changed last night when he fought Worcester's Edwin Rosado who also was fighting for a win. Back and forth opening round. Marrero looking a bit stiffer in the ring. Round 2, is the same with both fighters landing. Marrero, looks a bit more precise. Round 3 is more explosive than the last bout. Both fighters are in the pocket. Marrero keeps landing with the left hook to the face and digging deep to the body. Rosado has a great chin. After 4 rounds, no knockdowns all 3 judges scored the bout 40-36 in favor of Marrero by UD and Marrero increased to 1-2-1 and he gets his 1st WIN!!! J Yay. Rosado decreased to 1-9-1, 1 ko.

The following cruiserweight bout was interesting. Both fighters had a record of 0-2 record and they put on a show. Cruiserweight Jake Paradise of Worcester, Massachusetts stepped in the ring against Francisco Artri Neto of Woburn, MA. Round 1, Neto landed a right hand on Paradise and dropped him. Both fighters don’t have a good stance. Neto getting tired in the 1st round. Neto might have punched himself out. Paradise gave Neto a low blow. Round 2, Paradis listening to his corner with going to the body. Paradise lands a body shot and dropped Neto, Neto is not getting up. Paradise is soooo happy. The bout was stopped and the crowd is going crazy for the big W on Paradise’s record. At .48 of the round Paradise wins by KO and is now 1-2 and Neto 0-3.

Finally the return of the undefeated light heavyweight Angel Camacho, Jr. of Providence, RI. Camacho showing some ring rust against veteran Larry "Slomoshun" Smith of Dallas, Texas. Camacho using his foot work well. Round 2 Camacho backing up Smith against the ropes, doing everything he can to have the fight stopped. Smith is passing words in the ring to Camacho. Crowd is booing. Smith looks exhausted in between rounds. Round 3, fighters are exchanging and the pace is picking up. Camacho continuing working the body. Fighting at a long distance. Camacho’s corner saying to “Double up on the jab”. After 6 rounds controlled rounds by Camacho, Camacho gets the UD victory. Judges scored the bout 59-55; 59-55 and 60-54. Smith took the fight on short notice. Camacho keeps his perfect record to 16-0 5 Kos and Smith 10-40-1, 7 Kos.

New Haven, Connecticut junior welterweight Anuel Rosa had an easy bout against Danny Morales of the Bronx. At the end of round 1, right before the bell, Rosa landed a body shot and dropped Morales. Round 2 Rosa trying to finish Morales backing him up against the ropes. Morales is putting up a good fight but after 3 rounds with referee Jack Morerell having enough and Rosa controlling the fight it was stopped at 2:54. Rosa increased to 2-0, 2 ko and Morales 0-8.

Nathan Martinez of New Britain, Connecticut did not fight on this card.

Venue: Palladium

Promoter: Chuck Shearns – Shearns Boxing Promotions


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