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Marsella Gets The TKO Victory and the New International Boxing Association (IBA) Americas Junior We

PROVIDENCE, R.I. Anthony Marsella Jr. of Providence, R.I. finally started in his first main event when he received the TKO victory at the end of round 3 and didn’t come out to round 4 is now the NEW International Boxing Association (IBA) Americas Junior Welterweight Champ.

Marsella controlled the fight against Jorge Rodriguez of Mexico. At times Marsella’s left hand was low and Rodriguez is using this to his advantage and landing. Marsella kept jabbing his way in trying to open him up. Looking over at the corner I noticed Rodriguez’s spit bucket was a Kentucky fried chicken empty bucket from chicken. Marsella must have been too much for Rodriguez.Marsella kept his perfect record of 11-0, 5 Kos and Rodriguez 10-4, 10 Kos.

Bantamweights – 6 Rounds: – Rematch from June 23, 2018 - Rhode Island's Karen Dulin met up against Amanda Pavone of Boston. Pavone originally won by SD. Dulin coming in the ring shredded/ripped while Pavone not as tight. The Rounds were busy. Both fighters landing their share of punches with Dulin going to the body/head but Pavone out boxed Dunlin. After 6 rounds of no knockdowns, Pavone had all 3 judges scoring in her favor 60-54 and increased to 6-0, 2 kos and Dulin 3-16, 1 Ko.

Middleweights – 6 Rounds: Kendrick Ball Jr. of Worcester took on Zain Shah of New York City. Ball controlled the bout, backing up Shah, while Shah didn’t do any damage to Ball and Shah appeared to have no power against Ball. After 4 rounds with Ball dominating his opponent and wearing him down, Ball letting his hands go, while Shah not answering to his punches, the referee stopped the bout at 1:58 and Ball gets the TKO victory and increased to 11-1-2, 8 Kos and Shas,6-4, 3 kos.

Super lightweights – 4 Rounds: Davhon Shelton of Providence, RI night didn’t go as planned when he stepped in the ring against Placido Hoff also of Providence, RI. Round 1, Hoff controlled the bout backing up Shelton. Round 2 Shelton woke up and started letting his hands go. (Wonder what the corner said in between rounds). Round 4, Hoff unleashed his hands and dropped Shelton and received the count. Ref is right on top of the fighters. Shelton is holding on while Hoff is letting his hands go at close range. At the end of round 4, Hoff dropped Shelton to the canvas and the crowd went wild. After 4 rounds the judges scored the bout 39-35; 40-34; 37-36 in favor of Hoff. Hoff increased to 2-2-1 and Shelton decreased to 1-1.

Super lightweights – 4 Rounds: Nick Briggs of Worcester met Stacey Anderson of Virginia. Anderson a stiff fighter had good head movement while Briggs has the height difference, kept coming forward. During round 2, Briggs landed a left hook on Anderson right before the bell rang and survived the round even with the count. At the beginning of round 3, Anderson was bouncing in his corner. Round 3 Anderson again getting saved by the bell when he was dropped. Round 4, Anderson ran from Briggs and tripped and fell and received the count. The referee saw enough and stopped the bout at 1:39. Briggs not a busy fighter, worked his jab, ended up with win by TKO. Briggs increased to 2-0, 2 Kos and Anderson 0-4.

Heavyweights - 4 Rounds: Ethasor Akpejiori of Miami, Florida night ended early when the pro debut of James Advencola of Providence, RI injured his knee when he went down twice and couldn’t continue to bout. Referee Eddie Claudio stopped the bout at .40 of round 1. Akpejiori increased to 2-0, 2 ko and Advencola 0-1. Advencola ended up leaving by stretcher.

Junior middleweight – 4 Rounds: Victor Reynoso of Providence, Rhode Island gets the TKO victory in round 2 against Carlos Galindo of Woburn, Mass. Reynoso started going to the body early wearing down his opponent. Galindo an awkward fighter, kept tripping over his own feet. During rounds 1 and 2, Reynoso controlled the bout, landed the punches, Galindo took four knees and received the count. The referee saw enough and stopped the bout at 49 seconds. Reynoso gets the win by TKO and increases to 2-0, 2 ko and Galindo 1-7.

Junior middleweights – 4 Rounds: Lamont Powell of Pawtucket, R.I. had an easy bout against Marcos Rosa of Woburn, Mass. Rosa who made his pro debut couldn’t keep up with Powell. Powell immediately during the opening round landed a straight right as the fight continued Powell destroyed Rosa and the referee stopped the bout at 1:22. Winner Powell by TKO. Powell increased to 2-0, 1 Ko. and Rosa 0-1.

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