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DELOMBA RETAINED HIS Universal Boxing Federation (UBF) All America Super Lightweight Title

The main even was for DeLomba’s Universal Boxing Federation (UBF) All America Super Lightweight title with Nick “Nice” DeLomba of Cranston, R.I., defended his title when he met up against Chris Singleton of Baton Rouge, La. It was a scheduled 8 rounds with the opening round starting off at a slow pace. This was a close in your pocket fight. Both fighters exchanging punches and landing their fair share. At the end of round 3 both fighters were exchanging words, Danny Schiavone had to separate the two fighters. By the 4th round it was all DeLomba but he can’t land the winning punch. By the 5th, DeLomba is all over Singleton continuously trying to land the overhand right. After 8 hard fought rounds the judges scored the bout 78-74; 79-73; 79-73 all in favor of DeLomba. DeLomba increased to 14-2, 3 Kos and Singleton 18-6-2, 8 Kos.

Super Lightweights – 6 Rounds: This was the fight everyone wanted to see. “A1” Anthony Marsella Jr. of Providence Marsella Jr. had his toughest fight against Brandon Berry of Maine. Round 2, Marsella lands a great left hook that dropped Barry and Barry received the count as the bell rang. As the bout continued it was all Marsella letting his hands go while both of Barry’s eyes have welts under them. Judges scored the bout all 60-53 in favor of Marsella by UD. Barry decreased to 13-4-2, 8 kos.

Featherweights – 6 Rounds: Ricky Delossantos of Pawtucket, R.I., came in the ring with a lean, veiny body when he faced Jose Ortiz of Jersey City, N.J. Delossantos looking poised in the ring, Delossantos keeping his guard up, Ortiz circling around Delossantos and Delossantos jabbing his way in. Delossantos controlling the bout but can’t stop him. Round 6, Delossantos landed a great shot to the head that rocked Ortiz but after 6 rounds the judges scored the bout 60-54 all in favor of Delossantos. Delossantos increased to 6-0, 1 kos and Ortiz 3-4-2, 1 Ko. Delossantos also won a beautiful trophy for fight of the night.

Lightweights - 4 Rounds: Shayna Foppiano of Everett, Mass. made her pro debut against Sarah Click of Buzzard's Bay (Cape Cod) with mostly back and forth action. Foppinao light on her feet, jabs her way in but backs up. Click slipping punches and better on the defense Click ended up with a bloody nose, kept her guard up well. After 4 rounds we have a draw 39-37 for Foppiano; 39-37 for Click; 38-38. Foppiano 1-0-1, 1 ko and 0-1-1 for Click.

Junior Welterweights - 4 Rounds: Nicholas Briggs of Worcester, Massachusetts made his pro debut against Jacob Wright of Decatur, Alabama. What an easy fight for Briggs. Wright needed to update his boxing skills. Wright was no match up for Briggs. At 1:09 of round 1, Eddie Claudio stopped the bout from Briggs landing combinations and Wright not answering back. Briggs increased to 1-0, 1 Ko and Wright 0-1.

Junior Middleweights – 4 Rounds: 24 year old, Victor Reynoso of Providence, R.I. made his pro debut against Maurilio Alava of Ecuador. Roland Estrada was the chief 2nd. Round 1 ended with a band. Reynoso mostly walking in the ring with Alava circling around him, using his footwork. Reynoso tried to knock out Alava at the end of round 1, but Alava was saved by the bell. Round 2, Reynoso landing the cleaner shots on Alava, Alava doesn’t have much power to his punch. Doesn’t seem to hurt Reynoso. Reynoso landed a right hand and dropped Alava at 1:49 of round 2. Reynoso gets the TKO victory and increased to 1-0, 1 ko. Avala 0-1.

Junior Welterweights - 4 Rounds: Kris Jacobs of Fall River, Massachusetts made his pro debut against Andy Aiello from Bridgewater, Massachusetts. Jacobs fighting at times with his hands down low and has the height advantage. Aiello developed a welt under his left eye. Jacobs kept switching stances trying to confuse Aiello. Back n forth action with mostly to the head and not too much body work. Aiello is not an opponent to take lightly. After 4 rounds the judges scored the bout 39-37; 38-38 and 38-38 we have a majority draw. Jacobs 0-0-1 and Aiello 1-1-1.

Featherweights – 4 Rounds: Phil Dudley of Warwick, R.I. pretty much dominated this back and forth bout against unbeaten Ranse Andino of Worcester. The fight took place mostly in center of the ring. Round 3 the pace picked up. Dudley is one tough fighter. He looked like he ate a few punches but countered well. After 4 rounds the judges scored the bout 39-37; 38-37 and 40-36. Dudley increased to 2-1 and Andino 1-1.

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