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The Rematch We've All Been Waiting For Between Shelly Vincent and Hardy Hardy - October 27th for

Shelly “Shelito” Vincent (23-1-0) 1 KO from Providence, Rhode Island finally gets the rematch she deserves. On October 27, 2018, Shelly will be getting back in the ring to face Heather “The Heat” Hardy (21-0-0) 4 Kos for the vacant WBO World Female Featherweight title at Madison Square Garden Theater. The first time both of these females met up was back on August 21, 2016, at Coney Island for the vacant WBC International Female Featherweight title. Shelly lost after 10 hard fought rounds by majority decision. During post interviews Vincent clearly stated that she thought she won the fight. Now come the 27th of October, Shelly has a chance to show the world what she is capable of.

Pattee Mak: Finally the rematch is here. What the heck took so long??? I know we spoke a while ago and you mentioned that the rematch could possibly be in your area. Why NY and not Rhode Island or Connecticut?

Vincent: Who knows. I don’t even skip a beat to say yes when they said MSG [Madison Square Garden] though. Always been my dream to just shoot hoops there now I’m get to live my new dream accomplishing one a the pinnacles I wanted to reach. I’m leaving NY with my strap!!!!!

Pattee Mak: Are your fans disappointed in not having it local to you?

Vincent: They are but they all coming out. Even my peoples from Florida, Texas, Virginia, Cali and Atlanta. Man they flying in from everywhere for the kid. I’m blessed. It’s a beautiful thing to know they support me that heavy.

Pattee Mak: I luv it. You have a huge fan support and it shows.

Pattee Mak: Now this isn’t your hometown, any thoughts of the judges not being favorable towards you in this fight?

Vincent: My manager Mike Criscio on it. Plus it’s a major world Title the WBO so hopefully everything will be on the up and up this time.

Pattee Mak: What weight will you be fighting at?

Vincent: 126, Featherweight title.

Pattee Mak: Since you both fought once before, you know each other’s style of fighting, what are you going to be doing different in the ring this time around?

Vincent: WINNING that’s all I can say at this point. The only thing I’m let her anticipate is my hands going to be all over her. All NIGHT...

Pattee Mak: Does the Heat have a heavy punch?


Pattee Mak: To know Shelly is to luv Shelly…. Can we expect any surprises come the day of the weigh in between you and the Heat?

Vincent: YEAH LOL SHE TAKING A LICKING ONE WAY OR ANOTHER... JK JK JK just in the ring. Everyone know my heart in that sexy ass woman from BOLIVIA kicking ass on Exatlon.

Pattee Mak: Have you been to any of Hardy’s mma fights and were you heckling?

Vincent: I do a lil heckling in my spare time, specifically at Bellator weigh ins it got chilly in there .

Pattee Mak: I know there has been heat before between the two of you. Where do you stand now with Hardy? And what would you like to say to her prior to the bout?

Vincent: Lol that’s my best friend my boo ski and sister lol... you ain’t hear my father is training her

Pattee Mak: Tickets and will this be shown on HBO?

Vincent: #takethetrip hit me up for ticks... 1-860-574-5227. I got the PayPal an Venmo and if you can’t make it please donate a tick to a child that would love to be there. We appreciate you’s... THANK YOU’s for the constant support.

Pattee Mak: Thanks so much for the interview. Get that W and that belt girl.

Vincent: SAY NO MORE.... we bout to #getthestrap. ROLAND ROY UNCLE RICH, Amy Parkinson fam at the gym. NL RI MASS THIS IS FOR YOU’S.

AND MOST IMPORTANTLY MY GUARDIAN ANGEL TANIA VINCENT… LOVE YOU SO MUCH MA... Promised you I’d make it out. I know you proud and wanted me to be something special. What’s more special then a FIREMAN!!!!! It was always you that pulled me out the fire tho ... AFTER THE SUMMER THE HEAT ALWAYS FALLS. MSG MAMA.. Not many can say they performed on that stage!!!!

[The above bout is subject to change]. Feel free to comment below or on social media.

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