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“Marvelous” Mykquan Williams goes the distance for the UD Win Against Matt “The Mantis” Doherty

20 yr old, super lightweight “Marvelous” Mykquan Williams of East Hartford, Connecticut had a scheduled 8 round bout against 29 yr old Matt “The Mantis” Doherty of Salem, Massachusetts and Williams kept his perfect record. Doherty with everlast gloves, Mykey with Regal. This was the first time in Williams’s career that he was the main event. Cichon working as chief 2nd of Mykey’s corner. Round 1 started off with a bang as Williams looking good on defense, picking his shots and Doherty going down by a left, referee pushed Mykey to the neutral corner and Doherty gets the count. As the bout continued same left, same push, same count by the ref Shada Murdaugh. Everyone thought the fight would have been over by at least the 3rd round but instead it went the full 8. By the end of the 1st, Doherty’s face already is a red one. Mykey continued on landing with the left. By the end Mykey has a welt on his right cheek and had controlled the bout while landing the cleaner shots and had some holding. Doherty was one tough opponent. Kept his hands up and didn’t back down. Around the 4th round, Doherty was starting to come alive and looked more confident in the ring. Most of the bout was in the center of the ring. Mykey ended up with a bloody nose. Words and tongue expressions were exchanged at the end of some of the rounds. Judges scored the bout 77-73; 80-70 and 80-70. Williams increased to 12-0, 7 Kos and Doherty 8-5-1, 4 kos. Williams weighed in at 140 and Doherty 138.

The fans always come out to watch their favorite female fighter, junior lightweight Shelly “Shelito’s Way” Vincent of Providence, RI, in the co-main event against Calista Silgado of Colombia. Vincent weigh in at 126 and Silgado 124. Peter Manfredo, Sr as the chief 2nd and Robert Hershey as in corner, I believe working the cuts. These 2 fighters fought last October and Shelly won by UD after 8 rounds so they are both familiar with each other style of fighting. At times both fighters taking turns circling around each other trying to open the other up. Back and forth action. By the 4th fireworks exploded, with lefts and rights, each fighter not afraid to let their hands go. This was a tight in your face match up with not too much power, no knockdowns and at times with slapping punches. After 8 rounds the judges scored the bout 76-76; 78-74; and 78-74. Shelly gets the majority decision and increased to 23-1, 1 ko and Silgardo 16-10-3.

Undefeated welterweight Adrian Sosa of Lawrence, Mass fought had a scheduled 6 round bout against Darnell Pettis of Ohio. The last time Sosa was in the ring was at Foxwoods against Khiry Todd and what a fight that was but tonight was a different story. Round 1 Sosa continuing going to the body, with a tiny bit height advantage Sosa landed a right upper cut and staggered Pettis but Pettis must have cement in his sneakers because he stayed on two feet and he was saved by the bell. Round 2 Sosa getting warned for pushing. Sosa landing some great shots on Pettis and Pettis just won’t go down at 1:20 of the round, referee Danny Schiavone stopped the bout. Sosa landed a beautiful left that shook Pettis and Sosa continued on while Pettis couldn’t compete with Sosa. Congrats to Sosa on your TKO victory and your PERFET 8-0, 6 ko record and Pettis 3-10.

Super Lightweight Oscar Bonilla of Bridgeport, Connecticut met up against Seifullah Jihad Wise of Philly in a scheduled 6 round battle. I noticed Luis Rosa in the corner of Bonilla as the chief second. Carlos had previously been in that position. As soon as the bell rang, Oscar letting his hands go, coming forward, going to the body and working off the jab. Sometimes Bonilla eating punches when he’s coming in. Bonilla continuing backing up Wise. Bonilla was much busier this bout than the last bout at Mohegan. During round 2, Bonilla let his hands go while backing Wise up against the ropes. And Referee Shada Murdaugh stopped the bout at 1:20 and Bonilla gets the TKO victory. Bonilla increased to 5-3-2, 1 KO and gets back in the ring October 20th at Foxwoods while Wise decreased to 3-5, 1 ko.

Junior middleweight, 25 yr old Lamont Powell of Pawtucket, RI unfortunately didn’t fight on this card.

Promoter: DiBella Entertainment

Venue: Foxwoods Resorts & Casino

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