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Results from Mohegan Sun

In a scheduled 8 round co-featured event, the former WBC and UBF World middleweight champ Kali “KO Mequinonoag” Reis of Cranston, RI, who always makes a spectacular ring walk entrance met up against Mexican, Patty “La Elegante” Ramirez. Reis looking good in the ring working off the jab while backing up Ramirez. Reis getting the best of Ramirez breaking her down, controlling the bout. Landing the better punches with no knockdowns. After 8 rounds the judges scored the bout the same 80-72 by UD and Reis increased to 14-7-1, 4Kos and Ramirez decreased to 11-6, 5 kos.

Junior welterweight, "Action” Anthony Laureano the 2016 N.E. Golden Gloves champ of East Hartford, Connecticut against another Mexican Juan de la Cruz Rodriguez . This was an in your face, close range fight with Laureano being the aggressor of the two fighters. Laureano started off with great head movement, using his footwork and at times feeling very comfortable in the ring keeping his hands down low. Rodriguez ended up with a bloody nose. After 6 rounds of Laureano controlling the bout with no knock downs Laureano won by UD and increased to 8-0, 3 kos and Rodriguez 8-10-1, 6 Kos. Judges scored the bout 60-54; 59-55 and 59-55.

Wendy “Haitian Fire” Toussaint of New York met up against Worcester, MA Andy Gonzalez with the Camp Get Right Crew working the corner. Gonzalez with a tiny bit more height advantage and both fighters coming in lean. Gonzalez was out classed when he fought Toussiant. Toussiant kept backing up Gonzalez to the corner. Gonzalez did keep his guard up but did not doing too much damage to Toussaint. Round 2 Gonzalez gets the count. Toussiant is landing the cleaner of the shots. During round 3, Gonzalez is taking a beating of a barrage of punches und referee Steve Willis jumps in and stops the bout at 1:25. Toussaint increased to 9-0, 3 Ko and Gonzalez 6-3, 5 kos.

This was the 1st time I have seen junior welterweight Joe Farina of S. Boston in the ring when he met up against Steve Moore or Orange, NJ. Within seconds of round 1 Farina was on the canvas. As the bout continued it was an in your face fight with Farina being on the attack. Farina trying to back up Moore. Moore using his body to get off of the ropes. Both fighters fighting in close range. After 4 rounds of back and forth action the judges scored the bout 38-36 Farina; 38-37 Moore and 38-37 Farina. Farina won by split decision and increased to 3-0, 2 kos and Moore 1-4, 1 ko.

Undefeated Cassius Chaney of New London, CT did not have his usual high fro walking into the bout but had the height advantage against Mexican Elder “Baron” Hernandez. Camp Get Right was working the corner of Hernandez. Chaney is currently promoted by Main Events. The bout was scheduled for 6 rounds but ended in 1. At times it appeared that Hernandez doesn’t seem to want to fight. Round 1 Hernandez I believe went down due to a body shot and received the count. At 2:47 of round 1, Cassius lands a head shot and Hernandez goes down to one knee. Referee Steve Willis stopped the bout and you can see the disappointment on Cassius’ face from the stoppage. Cassius gets the TKO victory and increases to 13-0, 7 KOS and Hernandez 5-3, 3 kos.

Another N.E. Golden Glove 3x champ, undefeated Jr. Lightweight William Foster III from New Haven, CT had a clash of the heads in Round 2 at 2:27 against Tryome “Sweet T” Jones. Luis Rosa was the Chief 2nd in Foster’s corner. Foster is promoted by Murphy's Boxing. The 1st round wasn’t a busy round, Foster going to the body. At 2:27 the bout was stopped by referee Danny Schiavone and was declared a no contest. Foster 8-0, 6 Kos and Jones 4-3-1, 1Ko.

The following bouts did not take place:

Springfield, MA Anthony “ATV” Velazquez vs. Anthony Woods

Promoter: Star Boxing

Venue: Mohegan Sun


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