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Results from CES Pro/Am Card at Foxwoods

MASHANTUCKET, Connecticut – Main event – 8 Rounds - Junior middleweights: Edwin Soto of New Haven, Connecticut took on veteran Salim Larbi of Brooklyn, N.Y. Larbi previously fought Mark DeLuca and lost to him by UD after 8 rounds. Round 1 Larbi who has an awkward, stiff style of fighting dropped Soto when he landed to the body. Both fighters came look in shape. Soto working Larbi off of his left jab. Fireworks exploded in round 4 with Soto getting the best of Labri. Labri hands are beginning to get lower than usual. Round 6 Labri got dropped bad by a right hand and waiting for the ref to finish counting before getting up (smart move). This was a big round for Soto as the crowd went wild. Round 7 Soto wants the win. Both fighters are landing and are getting tired. Another great round. After 8 tough rounds the judges scored the majority decision for Soto. 76-74 – Larbi; 75-74 and 76-74 both for Soto. Soto increased to 13-2-2, 5 kos and Larbi 20-10-2, 7 Kos. Some thought Labri won.

Junior middleweights – 6 Rounds: Local Jimmy “The Quiet Storm” Williams of New Haven, Connecticut is recently coming off a loss in April, now steps back in the ring to face Christian Aguirre of Utah. Aguirre a bit of a character in the ring with not a ton of boxing skills but swinging and sometimes even landing. Williams keeping his left hand low boxing his way in. Williams not digging in deep but landing a lot of arm punches. Round 6, referee Arthur Mercante took 1 point away from Aguirre from hitting on the break. After 6 rounds with no knock downs and Aguirre’s nose is a bloody nose mess. All 3 judges scored the bout 60-53 in favor of Williams. Williams increased to 15-1-1, 5 kos and Aguirre 7-2, 3 kos.

Female bantamweights – 4 Rounds: Marcia Agripino of Ledyard, Connecticut fought Kailyn Hansen of California. The fans tonight were mostly Agripino fans. Agripino is jabbing in way in but not landing (about 12-18 inches from Hansen). Hansen avoiding punches by using her head movement. After 4 rounds of back and forth action the judges scored the bout 38-38; 39-37 and 39-37 for Agripino by majority decision. Agripino is now 2-1-1, and Hansen 0-2.

Middleweights – 6 Rounds: Kendrick Ball Jr. of Worcester, Massachusetts faced undefeated and probably his toughest opponent to date, Alexis Gaytan of Weslaco, Texas. Ball goes down during round 1 from a right from Gaytan. Gaytan came to win this fight even with Ball’s height advantage. Ball got up quickly. Both fighters are landing great punches. In order for Gaytan to get in he’s gonna have to eat some punches. At times Gaytan is lunging forward to get in because he’s shorter. Round 3, Gaytan was getting the best of Ball but Ball just won’t go down with the overhand right. Gaytan is wearing down Ball. Round 4, Ball’s listening to his corner and going more to the body. Gaytan lands a right on Ball and Ball does down to one Knee. Round 5 Ball needs to step up to win this fight but he came up short. After 6 hard fought rounds, Ball ended up with a bloody nose. Judges scored the bout all in favor of Gaytan, 59-53; 58-54 and 59-53. Ball decreases to 9-1-2, 6 kos and Gaytan 4-0, 2 kos.

Super middleweights – 4 Rounds: Elvis “Chi Chi” Figueroa met up against 8x UFC vet and always entertaining the crowd with his walkout style, Leandro Da Silva of Woburn, Mass. Da Silva is out matched when he fought Chi Chi but never gave up. Elvis destroyed Da Silva in round 1 but Da Silva isn’t giving in. Round 2, Da Silva trying to get in and started off the round trying, but Da Silva doesn’t keep his hands up and Figueroa is capitalizing on it. Da Silva keeps tying up Figueroa. Round 3, a cut opened up under Da Silva’s left eye. Da Silva trying to use his defense to avoid punches. Da Silva is one tuff opponent but it was Figueroa’s quick hands and impressive boxing skills that stole the show. After 4 rounds 39-37; 40-36; and 39-37 for Figueroa. Figueroa increased to 5-0, 2 kos and Da Silva 1-2, 1 Ko.

Lightweights – 4 Rounds: Carlos “The Talented” Marrero III of Bridgeport, Connecticut needs a win under his belt and tonight he fought Jonathan Rojas of Queens. Both fighters landing some great shots. Great back and forth action. Rojas landed a great right hand on Marrero during round 3. Marrero needs to be careful and not take any more punches. Marrero received a warning from the ref for his 2nd time of his mouth piece falling out and getting warned for holding. Marrero never has easy fights. Marrero ended up with a bloody nose. Marrero is hurting Rojas in the 4th but he can’t finish him. After 4 rough rounds the judges scored the bout 39-37; 38-38 and 38-38. We have a majority draw. We need to get Marrero a W. Marrero is 0-2-1 and Rojas is 01-1. Rojas last fight was against Omar Bordoy.


Jeffrey Nunez Perez Jr. of New Bedford vs. Michael Guadreau of Fall River, Mass. Winner by decision – Guadreau.

Kelsey Kaiser of New London, Conn., vs. Michelle Egan of Brighton, Ma. Winner By Decision – Egan.

Donald Jones Spann of Providence, Ri. vs. Noor Rahmanhy of New Bedford, Mass., IN round 3, Spann received the count right before the end of the round. Winner by decision - Jones Spann.

Felix Parrilla of Hamden, Conn vs. Christian Figueroa of Providence, RI During round 2, Figueroa received the count. Winner by decision – Parrilla. Parrilla has a great future ahead of him.

Todd Chattelle Jr., of Pawtucket, R.I., vs. Isaiah Mendez of Providence, R.I. Winner by decision – Mendez. This was both their first amateur bout. Mendez has a ton of heart. Hopefully he’ll keep fighting.

Promoter: CES Boxing

Venue: Foxwoods - Fox Theater

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