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Foster is the NEW WBA-NABA Light Heavyweight Champ

Light Heavyweights – Scheduled 10 Rounds:

We have 2 southpaws, undefeated Charles “The Truth” Foster of Hartford, Connecticut met up against Justin Thomas of Louisiana. Foster is working his jab. Round 2, while Foster was setting up Thomas with the jab, Thomas got dropped. 10-8 round for Foster. By the 3rd round, both fighters are digging deep with their punches. In order for Foster to get in, he needs to eat a few. Foster keeping his guard up, but flat footed. Referee Danny S commenting to keep the bout clean. Foster has a welt on his right eye. Foster usually being 1st and Thomas waiting on the counter. Both fighters landing some great shots but Foster was busier and more precise. After 10 hard fought rounds, all three judges scored the bout 100-89 in favor of Foster and the NEW WBA-NABA Light Heavyweight champ. Foster increases to 15-0, 8 ko and Thomas 19-4,5 kos.

Junior Lightweights – 6 Scheduled Rounds:

Undefeated Abraham “Super” Nova of Braintree, Massachusetts fought a cautious fight studying southpaw, Tyrome “Sweet Tea” Jones on Indiana. This is the 1st time Nova is fighting in the New England area. Nova taking his time in round 1, circling around Jones trying to angle his punches. Not a busy 1st round. Round 2 was a different story. Nova again keeping his guard up and timing his punches, landed a right hook and dropped Sweet Tea to the canvas. Referee Danny Schiavone called off the bout at 2:20 of round 2. Nova increases to 10-0, 9 kos. Jones decreases to 4-3-1. I’d like to see more of Nova.

Junior Lightweights – Scheduled 6 Rounds:

Hartford’s undefeated William Foster III and brother of the main event fighter, Charles "The Trust" Foster took on a ready Jesus Zunan Ramirez of Mexico. Foster scores a knockdown in round 1 and the bout continues with both fighters at a rapid rate. Foster lands again with a straight jab to the face and drops Zunan to one knee. Referee Michael Ortega stopped the bout at 2:27. Foster increases to 5-0, 1 ko. Ramirez 4-3.

Junior Welterweights – 4 Scheduled Rounds:

Oscar Bonilla of Bridgeport, Connecticut is back fighting in Connecticut. Bonilla faced Kin Moy of Cambridge, Massachusetts. Opening round was busy. Both fighters exchanging punches and keeping a short distance between the two. Oscar not neglecting the body. At times, Oscar was getting backed up against the ropes. After 4 hard fought hands, high punch count, the judges scored the bout 39-37; 39-37 and 40-36 in favor of Bonilla. Bonilla increased to- 4-3-2 and Moy is now 0-3.

Promoter: Murphys Boxing

Venue: Mohegan Sun

TV: Fight Night Live

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