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Soto Wins the World Boxing Union (WBU) Canadian-American-Mexican Super Welterweight Title.

[PROVIDENCE, Rhode Island] Fighting 8 scheduled rounds for the vacant World Boxing Union (WBU) Canadian-American-Mexican Super Welterweight Title is local and well known “Prynce” Ray Oliveira Jr. of New Bedford, Massachusetts, the son of “Sucra” Ray Oliveira faced a hungry Edwin Soto of New Haven, Connecticut. Soto immediately started off going to the head. Oliveira eating some punches. Oliveira doesn’t look 100% as he usually does. During round 2, Oliveira got clocked almost went down but stayed upright, Soto engaged and backed Oliveira up to the red corner and continued his punishment until referee Steve Smoger got in between the two of them at 26 seconds of round 2. Congrats to Soto. Soto is now 12-2-2, 5 kos and Oliveira decreased to 8-2, 1 ko.

Junior welterweights – Scheuled 6 Rounds: Undefeated Providence fan favorite Anthony Marsella Jr. against Israel Villela of Mexico. After 6 rounds with the first 4 rounds a slow paced action, with no knock downs and both fighters exchanging punches, the judges scored the bout. Villela’s left eye has a nasty cut. Blood is everywhere. All 3 judges scored the bout 60-54 by UD in favor of Marsella. Marsella is now 8-0, 4 kos.

Super Middleweights – Scheduled 6 Rounds: "Mr. Providence" Vladine Biosse hasn’t been in the ring since May 13, 2016, and faced Antowyan Aikens of New Jersey. After a slow start to round 1, Biosse dropped Aikens with a left hook. Aikens working his way in with the jab. This fight is not a high punch count. Biosse jabbing but not landing. By the 5th round it was getting sloppy in there. At the end of the bout, Biosse has an ice pack on his left bicep due to an injury inthe1st round. The judges gave the majority decision to Aikens. 57-56 for Aikens; 57-56 for Aikens and 58-55 for Aikens. Biosse decreased to 15-8-3, 7 Kos.

Lightweights – Scheduled 6 Rounds: Undefeated hot prospect Jamaine Ortiz of Worcester, Mass., faced Victor Rosas of Texas. Ortiz came in overweight at 138. Ortiz starting off with quick hands. Ortiz always looks great in the ring. Ortiz moves his head well, keeps his hands up, throws combinations and resets with the jab. After 6 hard fought rounds the judges scored the bout 60-54 in favor of Ortiz. Ortiz increased to 8-0, 4 Kos.

Lightweights – 4 Scheduled Rounds: Undefeated Michael “Bling Bling” Valentin of Providence, Rhode Island went the distance against Demetrius Wilson of Missouri. Unfortunately due to an upcoming medical procedure, Valentin won’t be in the ring for a while after this bout. Valentin will be undergoing surgery for his lifelong digestive issue that he’s had since birth. In round 1 Valentin was dropped. I believe this is the 1st time he was knocked down. At round 3 Valentine landed a great body shot on Wilson and dropped him. As the fight continued, Valentine started show boating. Wilson is on tough opponent. After 4 rounds the judges scored the bout 37-37; 38-36 and 38-36 in favor of “Bling Bling” Valentine. Valentine increases to 4-0, 1 ko.

Welterweights – 4 Scheduled Rounds: Miguel Ortiz of Springfield, Massachusetts faced a new boxer, making his pro debut, Wilson Mascarenhas of New Bedford, Massachusetts. Mascarenhas didn’t make weight. What an exciting bout. Ortiz dropped Mascarenhas at the end of round 1 by a hit to the jaw. There ended up some confusion as the bell rang. As the rounds continued Ortiz destroyed Mascarenhas. At times you could hear the crowd cheering for Mascarenhas. At the end of the bout after the bell rang, Mascarenhas ends up pushing Ortiz in the ring. All 3 judges scored alike, 40-35 in favor of Ortiz. Ortiz increased to 3-1, 1 ko. Mascarenhas ended up with a cut near his eye. Ortiz had a new chief 2nd in the corner, boxer Michael Rodriguez of Springfield, Mass.

Junior Welterweights – Scheduled 4 Rounds: Nicky DeQuattro of Johnston, R.I. met up against Carlos Galindo. DeQuattro always comes to the ring in colorful hair and trunks. Tonight it was bright purple. DeQuattoro is throwing one punch at a time, while Galindo looks like it’s more of a street fight. By the 3rd, Galindo is hunched over and DeQuattro going to the body. The 4th the pace picked up, DeQuattro is trying to put an end to this fight, while Galindo keeps DeQuattro off with the jab. DeQuattro get the UD victory. Judges scored the bout 40-36; 40-36; 39-37. Galindo decreased to 0-2.

Featherweights – 4 Scheduled Rounds: Undefeated Ricky Delossantos of Providence, Rhode Island fought New Bedford's Efren Nunez. Back n forth action in the center of the ring. Nunez controlling the fight by the time it was the 3rd round Nunez had little defense and was eating a ton of punches. Referee Steve Smoger called a halt at 2:23 of round 3. Delossantos gets the TKO victory and increased to 4-0, 1 ko and Nunez 0-2.

Welterweights – 4 Scheduled Rounds: Marcus Bates of Taunton, Mass met up against Latorie Woodberry of Virginia. Originally Bates was scheduled to fight Jonathan Figueroa of Connecticut but this fight didn’t happen. Bates got the best of Woodberry in round 1 landing 2 great shots. Round 2 Bates rocked Woodberry with a right hook and capitalized on it but didn’t get the knockdown. “Sucra” Ray Oliveira was the chief 2nd in Bates’ corner. After 4 rounds of back n forth action with Bates getting the best of Woodberry the judges scored the bout 40-36; 40-36 and 40-35 in favor of Bates. Bates increased to 3-2, 2 kos.

The entire fight card was dedicated to the memory of pro boxer, super bantamweight Luis Rosa Jr. (23-1-0, 11 Kos) of New Haven, Connecticut who passed away tragically on January. 14, 2018 in a terrible automobile accident. This was a sad day for the boxing community. Rosa Jr. was inducted into the CES Ring of Honor.

Venue: Twin River Casino

Promoter: CES Boxing



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