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Boston Boxing Results from New Hampshire.

Windham, New Hampshire] Main Event – Welterweights – 4 Rounds: Southpaw with a wide stance of his legs Tommy O’Connell of Haverhill, Massachusetts made his pro debut against the veteran Bryan “The Brick” Abraham of New York. Not a busy round 1, but O’Connell landed the shots. Abraham needs to keep his guard up. Round 2, the pace stepped up while Abraham using his foot work well and head movement but eating a lot of punches while O’Connell carefully picking his shots. The crowd is definitely behind O’Connell cheering “Tommy”. By the 3rd, Abraham is feeling comfortable in the ring showboating. Abraham is known fighter you regularly fights in the New England states. After 4 rounds the judges scored the bout 39-37; 40-36 and 4-36 in favor of O’Connell. O’Connell increased to 1-0 and Abraham 6-28-2.

Welterweights – 4 Rounds: Anthony “ATV” Velazquez, a fan favorite of Springfield, MA brought his slew of fans with him when he made his pro debut when he fought Andre Belcarris of Bennington, Vermont. During round 1 Velazquez dropped Belcarris and after the count he continued until 1:10 of round 1 where Tony dropped Belcarris and the referee gave him the count and stopped the bout. Velazquez gets the TKO victory and increases to 1-0. 1 Ko and Belcarris 0-3-0.

Middleweights – 4 Rounds: 49 year old John Webster of Portland, Maine vs. 44 year old Tolan Tascoe of New Jersey. Both fighters are letting their hands go and putting in the effort and at times while stumbling on each other. All 3 Judges scored the bout 39-37 in favor of Tascoe. Tascoe increased to 3-7-1 and Webster 9-8-1.

Lightweights – 4 Rounds: Llya Blinnikov from Russia vs. Theo Desjardin of Providence, Rhode Island. This was Blinnikov first fight in the U.S. and he couldn’t be happier with a KO victory at 1:37 of Round 1. Blinnikov increased to 6-0-0 and Desjardin 0-8-0.

Super Middleweights – 4 Rounds: Julio Perez Campusano of Boston, Mass didn’t take long while making his pro debut from Boston, Massachusetts to win by a body shot against mma fighter Rene Nazare of Woburn, Massachusetts. During round 1 fireworks exploded with Campusano on the attack landing combinations and going to the body. At around the 1:28 mark, Campusano landed a body shot and dropped Nazare to his knees. Campusano increased to 1-0, 1 KO and Nazare 0-3.

Heavyweights – 4 Rounds: Tracey Johnson of Boston took on Cristiano Pedro of Lewiston, Maine. Pedro continuing digging into the body. Pedro kept trying to back up Johnson against the ropes. At times there was some lull in the action. Judges scored the bout 39-37 for Johnson; 40-36 Pedro and 38-38. We have a draw. Johnson is now 4-5-5 and Pedro 2-1-1.

Previous Main Event: Welterweights: Brandon Berry of Maine vs. Bryan Goldsby. Fight was called off due to Berry’s cut during sparring. Click here for interview on Berry’s cut.

Middleweights: Chris Thomas vs. Jose Angel Ortiz of Springfield, MA – Fight was canceled. Thomas didn’t make weight.

Venue: Castleton Banquet & Conference Center, Windham, New Hampshire.

Promoter: Boston Boxing Promotions

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