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Results from Twin River

[Providence, Rhode Island] CES celebrated their 25th anniversary last night at Twin River Casino. Even Santa Claus was on hand.

Main Event – 8 Rounds - Welterweights: Fan favorite Khiary Gray of Worcester, Massachusetts fought Greg Jackson of Philly fighting for the vacant New England Interim 147-pound Title. Gray being the busier of the too fighters, letting his ands go. Jackson’s corner giving great commands. Jackson is too straight up. By the 7th both fighters’ hands are down low. Throughout the bout Gray controlled the fight. I expected more from Jackson. Jackson didn’t capitalize on Gray when he hurt him. No knockdowns and Gray ending up with a bloody nose. The judges scored the bout 76-76; 78-74 and 80-72 all in favor of Gray and the new Interim New England Welterweight champ. Gray increases to 15-3, 11 Kos and Jackson 8-5-1, 2 Kos.

Co-main event – 8 Rounds – FEMALES – Welterweights: Aleksandra Magdziak Lopes of Marshfield, Massachusetts fought Natasha Spence of Canada. Back n forth action. Not a busy fight with no knockdowns. Judges score the bout 77-75; 76-76; 76-76 for a majority draw.

6 Rounds – Lightweights: Fan favorite Anthony Marsella, Jr. of Providence, Rhode Island met Oscar Eduardo Quezada of Mexico. Marsella kept going back to the jab, setting up Quezada. Towards the end of round 1, Marsella lands a left to the body and Quezada dropped to the canvas. Marsella increased to 7-0, 4 KOS and Quezada to 7-5, 4 Kos.

6 Rounds – Lightweights: Jamaine Ortiz of Worcester, Massachusetts fought veteran Derrick Murray of Saint Louis who’s been in the ring 17 times prior to the bout. Ortiz who always comes to fight moves well in the ring, setting up Murray with the jab and usually tight in the pocket. Ortiz is red underneath his right eye. I did not see Carlos in Ortiz’s corner. After 6 rounds no knockdowns all 3 judges scored the bout 60-54 by UD. Ortiz increases to 7-0, 4 Kos. Murray 13-4-1, 5 KOS.

6 Rounds – Middleweights: Kendrick Ball, Jr. of Worcester, Massachusetts fought Alshamar Johnson of New Jersey. In the opening round, Ball going to body/head combinations, stunned Johnson but didn’t finish him. The rest of the bout was Ball controlling the rounds. At times Ball was being tested by a 1-1-1 opponent. Johnson hasn’t been in the ring since 2015. Round 6, Ball was digging to the body, while Johnson was up against the ropes. Referee Joey Lupino stopped the bout at 1:22 and Ball increases to 9-0-2, 6 KOS by TKO.

4 Rounds – Lightweight: Michael “Bling Bling” Valentin of Providence, Rhode Island vs. Efren Nunez of Fall River, Massachusetts who made his pro debut. Nunez going to the body. Bling Bling keeping his left hand down low. Round 1 both fighters landed left hooks and they both staggered back. Round 2 Bling Bling is dominating his opponent with the exception of a low blow. Nunez is tired. Bling Bling keeps using his left hook and overhand right. Nunez keeps backing up. Nunez has a one tough chin. After 4 rounds with Valentin just landing the cleaner punches the judges scored the bout 40-36; 40-36 and 39-37 by UD. Valentin increases to 3-0, 1 KO and Nunez 0-1.

4 Rounds - Super middleweights: Bobby Harris, III of Worcester, Mass fighting the first time in Twin River, fought Muay Thai fighter Amadeu Cristiano from Boston, Cristiano seems a bit too straight. For the most part both fighters fighting cautiously at a slow pace. Cristiano looks much leaner than Harris. Harris’ father, Bobby Harris, Jr. was working Bobby’s corner. After 4 rounds the judges scored the UD in favor of Harris. 40-36; 40-36 and 39-37. Harris increases to 2-0 and Cristiano 0-1.

4 Rounds – Super Middleweights: The "Sandman" Scott Pemberton’s son, Jarel Pemberton of Boston, Massachusetts met up against Rene Nazare of Woburn, Massachusetts. After 4 rounds with Pemberton controlling the bout the judges scored the bout 39-37; 39-37 and 40-36 all in favor of Pemberton. Pemberton increases to 2-0.



VENUE: Twin River Casino, Rhode Island

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