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TOKA is the WBC USNBC Featherweight Champ. Gonzalez gets the KO. Delomba the UD and Ramos/Davis the


Toka "T-Nice" Kahn-Clary fighting in his hometown of Providence, Rhode Island fought a precision that only lasted 7 rounds when he met up against John Vincent Moralde from the Philippines. Early in the start of the bout, Moralde ended up with a cut under his right eye. Toka landing the cleaner shots, while Moralde keeps trying to open on Toka but unfortunately landing on Toka’s gloves. Toka ended up walking down his opponent, getting the body shots in. By the 6th, Toka is giving his all to knock out Moralde but he just won’t go down. At times Moralde just didn’t do anything but take the punches. At the end of round 6th, referee Joey Lupino called a halt to the bout at the advice of the Moralde’s corner and Toka wins by TKO. Kahn-Clary increases to 24-1, 16 Kos and Moralde 19-1, 10 kos.


Irvin Gonzalez of Worcester, MA vs. Marlon Olea of Columbia. Olea started off the fight throwing punches quickly and as quickly as he started off the fight, Gonzalez changed the pace and is landing while Olea is coming up short. Gonzalez is not afraid to take on tough opponents and he’s not afraid to let his hands go while coming in to eat a few punches. Olea is taking a beating in round 2. Round 3 Gonzalez sets up Olea with the jab and lands a right hand on Olea and Olea goes down and Olea just didn’t get up at the count of 10 by referee Joey Lupino. Gonzalez gets the KO victory.

Gonzalez increased to 8-0, 7 kos and Olea 13-2, 12 kos.


Nick “Nice” DeLomba of Cranston, RI vs. Louis Cruz “Control” of Bronx, NY and big Happy Bday to Cruz. Round 1 Cruz landed a body shot which looked like it bothered DeLomba. DeLomba already has a swelling underneath his left eye. DeLomba covering up his guard well with his gloves. Cruz trying to get in. Cruz keeps going a tad bit low on his punches. Schiavone took a 1 point deduction against Cruz for going low in round 4 both fighters kept their guard up while the other was trying to get in. By the 7th I’m surprised DeLomba didn’t punch himself out. Cruz just stayed in front of him with his guard up and needed to let his hand gooooo. DeLomba being the more aggressive of the two. Judges scored the bout 79-72; 78-73; 78-73 all in favor of DeLomba for the UD. DeLomba increased to 12-2, 2 Kos. and the UBF Jr. Welterweight champ.


Timmy Ramos of Framingham, MA fought a back n forth bout against Phil Davis of Worcester, MA. Round 1, both fighters exchanging punches. Davis going to the body and overhand rights while Ramos working off the jab. Round 2, Davis’ corner saying “Punch n turn, 3 or 4 punches”. Both fighters needed to sit on their punches just a tad bit more. After 4 rounds with no knockdowns the judges scored the bout 39-37 for Ramos and 38-38; 38-38 this is a majority draw.

Ramos (4-0-2, 4 Kos) and Davis (1-1-1)


Bryan Daniels of Worcester, MA bout did not take place.

Promoter: Real Deal Boxing

Venue: Strand Ballroom and Theater, Providence, RI

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