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Foxwoods Casino Results: Remillard Wins by TKO; Shelly Wins By UD; Mykey Gets The TKO; Todd & D

[Mashantucket, Connecticut] Local fighter from Hartford, Connecticut, Matt “The Sharp Shooter” Remillard of Hartford, Connecticut met up against Yardley Armenta Cruz of California was the main event in the lightweight division. Remillard early on was setting up Cruz with the jab. Cruz not doing much in the ring. Matt looked poised and comfortable in the ring. Matt kept backing up Cruz against the ropes and went to the body. Remillard is picking apart Cruz. Cruz just not letting his hands go. There has to be a large punch count difference in favor of Remillard. Referee Joey Lupino has seen enough of this one sided fight and stopped the bout at during round 4 at 2:31. Remillard increased to 26-1-0, 15 kos and Cruz decreased to 22-9-0. Remillard once again called Mike Garcia in a rematch. I to would like to see this match up. Would it happen?

One of my favorite female fighters, Shelly Vincent who is no stranger to Foxwoods fought against Calixta Silgado from Colombia and it went the distance of the 8 rounds in the super featherweight division. Shelly early on took control of the bout backing up Silgado. Shelly’s looking good in the ring, quick with the defense, going to the body of her opponent with continuous left and rights or going to the head with left/rights and dominating Silgado. I must say Silgado, I liked her outfit. It’s something I’d wear in the ring. After 8 rounds, no knock downs and Shelly dominating the fight the judges scored the bout 79-73; 79-73 and 77-75 all in favor of Shelly by UD. Shelly increased to 21-1, 1 ko. [See Shelly’s interview prior to the fight by clicking here] .

Welterweights, Mykquan “Mykey” Williams of East Hartford, Connecticut took on Somner “The Magic Man” Martin from Virginia in a 6 rounds bout. During round 1, there was magic in the ring but it wasn’t coming from the Magic Man. It was back n forth action with Williams landing the cleaner shots and then it all ended. Williams hurt the Magic Man with body punches and capitalized with continuing on and hurting/dominating his opponent and Martin wasn’t answering to his punches. Referee Joey Lupino stopped it in the 1st at 2:19 and Williams increased to 9-0-0, 5 Kos and kept his perfect record and Martin 7-6-0.

Welterweights, Khiry Todd of Lynn, Massachusetts met Evincii Dixon of Lancaster, Penn in a 6 round bout. This was Todd’s first 6 rounder. This was too much of an easy fight for Todd. Dixon not really letting his hands go. More like a straight up statute in front of Todd. Todd the busier of the two fighters, aggressive, kept setting up Dixon with the left jab but there were no knock downs. After 6 rounds 60-54; 59-55 and 59-55 all for Todd by UD. Todd increased to 6-0-0 5 Kos.

Super Welterweights, Nicky DeQuattro of Johnson, Rhode Island with his bright red hair vs Andre Bellacarris of Penington, Vermont who made his pro debut. Bellacarris is not afraid to let his hands go but swings wide and uses his defensive head movement to miss a few punches. DeQuattro shooting wide at times also. By the 3rd round, fireworks are going off in the ring with both fighters going for the knock out. Bellacarris reminds me of Devon Alexander’s brother, Vaughn Alexander. Round 4 I saw blood on Bellacarris. This was a great fight. Judges scored the bout 40-36; 40-36 and 39-37 all in favor of DeQuattro. DeQuattro increased to 2-0, 1 ko and Bellacarris 0-1.

Promoter: DiBella Entertainment

Venue: Foxwoods Resort & Casino

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