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Carlos “Talented” Marrero Will Be Making His Anticipated Pro Debut Next Month @ Mohegan Sun.

Pattee Mak: Congrats on the news that you are turning pro on November 25th, Mohegan Sun!!! What made you turn pro at this point in your career?

Marrero: Well my mom didn't allow me to fight when I was young because she was scared so I had no choice but to wait till I was old enough to make my own decisions which was at 18. I've been fighting for about 7 years now. Me and my team feel ready to take that step into the pro's.

Pattee Mak: What does this mean to you to turn pro?

Marrero: Words are indescribable for the feeling that this means to me because I would never think I would be this close to becoming a professional anything and I said to myself I was going to be something in life because I refuse to become nothing and here is the start of my journey.

Pattee Mak: I luv it that you motivated yourself and your journey in life.

Pattee Mak: I’m excited to see you in the ring and for you to show off your talent. Do you have an opponent as of yet on the 25th of November?

Marrero: Yes I do. Sequan Felton is my opponent for November 25th.

Pattee Mak: How is your training going? Tell me something about the place where you are preparing for the bout, your sparing partners and trainers.

Marrero: Training camp is going great I am managed and trained by Nate Torres and Angel Gonzalez. As far as locations for training we travel to New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut to get work necessary and proper training.

Pattee Mak: I believe it’s always important to spar with different fighters and not just the same one’s day after day.

Pattee Mak: I know I had previously asked you this question but run it by me again. What was your amateur record?

Marrero: I've had over 25 amateur fights. I've won more than half of them which they provided the most sufficient experience for me to turn pro agreed upon on with me and my team.

Pattee Mak: What does your brother, Lefty think about you turning pro?

Marrero: He's my brother. I would think he is super excited like the rest of my family.

Pattee Mak: Last year you were invited to the 1st Annual Willie Pep Invitational in Hartford, Connecticut. You fought Dayshon Smith from Ring One and lost by decision. Why didn’t I see you fighting this year at their 2nd annual event?

Marrero: Because I am preparing to turn pro and feel like I’ve gained enough in the amateurs for myself.

Pattee Mak: Anyone that you fought in the amateurs that moved into the pro division that you’d like to fight in the pros?

Marrero: I’m not worried about anyone specific. It's whoever that gets put in front of me.

Pattee Mak: Would you consider yourself a boxer or brawler?

Marrero: I consider myself a fighter that adapts depending on the style of the fight.

Pattee Mak: Fans…. Where can your fans reach out to you?

Marrero: Social media: Instagram (Yikesitsjunior) Twitter ( Yikesitsjunior) Facebook:

Pattee Mak: Thank you so much for this interview. Next month will be your pro debut….. I’m looking forward to it.

Marrero. Thank you for taking interest in my career and hope to see you and everyone on November 25th Mohegan sun casino. I appreciate you all!

[The above bout is subject to change.]

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