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Wait When Will Shelly Be Hanging Up Her Gloves? The Fans Mean Everything to Her. Heather Hardy and O

[Providence, Rhode Island] Shelly “Shelito’s Way” Vincent (20-1, 1 ko) will be back again on the 28th of October at Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut. Her opponent is TBD. As always I’m sure Shelly will be putting on a show with her entrance to the ring. Usually it includes a straightjacket, vendetta mask, kid entourage and a picture of her mother.

Pattee Mak: I ran into you at the Willie Pep Invitational over the weekend and I must say the crowd luv you when you worked the room, taking pics and went into the ring. You have a big fan base. How thankful are you for your fans?

Vincent: My fans mean everything to me. I know without my supporters I would be nothing. Boxing is a business to these promoters an without a fan base regardless of skill you don’t move. I’m very thankful an blessed to have the support of friends. I never gain a fan, I make a friend. I try to link and interact with everyone.

Pattee Mak: Yes you do. Everyone seems to luv you at fights, from the youngest to the oldest. They all flock to you.

Pattee Mak: Next up, in a few weeks on October 28, 2017, at Foxwoods Casino you have a fight coming up. No opponent has signed on the dotted line yet. Is this hard to prepare yourself for this fight since it’s about 3 weeks away?

Vincent: Yes an no. I mean, we don’t know what’s going to be in front a me but I know wtf I GOT to do. I’ve been sparring with Ashleigh Moore for height and Mel Costa for small speedy an that inside fighting. Mentally my head back in the right place an I feel like that old Shelito resurfacing. So expect fuckery and that wild child emerging back into the ring.

Pattee Mak: YES!!!

Pattee Mak: On your facebook page you mentioned that people can donate a ticket to the youth. Tell me more about this.

Vincent: As we all know I fight for the children an the voiceless, that child I used to be. So fight night we bring out as many kids as we can. Kids I train, kids from schools, I go an talk to, an just some city kids from my city that can’t afford to make it but love to come. Usually someone out of state or out a town or just one that can’t make it but still want to support. It’s a beautiful thing. Ron Campeonge started this so we call it Campy’s corner. They call me the Children’s Champion. I made it routine an cool to see kids at that fights. SHELITO LOVE THE KIDS!!!!

Pattee Mak: You have 1 KO on your record when you won by TKO back in 2013. Why not more KO’s added to your record?

Vincent: MANNNN, I fight tough gals. I may not KO you BUT, I will hit you 4K times an you WILL FEEL most a those shots. I hit harder than most think. I mean let’s be real though I am TINY I’m 5’0 I’m just thick lol..

Pattee Mak: What can we expect from you the night of the fight?

Vincent: FIREWORKS AN ENTERTAINMENT... I don’t think I ever had a boring fight or called fight a the night.

Pattee Mak: Your only loss was to Heather “The Heat” Hardy (17-0-0) back on 8-21-2016 was by majority decision. At one point there was some chatter on a rematch? Is this at all possible now? I know that Hardy is also fighting on Bellator cards.

Vincent: Man I respect what Heather has done for our sport key word HAS done. I didn’t lose that fight, she knows it, I know it. Most people that aren’t blind know that. She supposed to be a advocate for our sport an she was making strides but now she abandoned that chasing money. We all want money, who doesn’t but we are fighting for the future of lil girls coming up behind us. I want to be remembered for someone who said I wanted things an didn’t give up or switch sports chasing fame and money. Don’t get me wrong I want that fetty but I want so much more for that. I didn’t do all this work an hustle to give up or neglect an turn my back on my sport. I’m fight till I collapse that’s all I know. When I’m dead I want a lil girl to say, “Man Shelito was a badass. She could fight but boy did she fight for better days for aspiring boxers like myself”. Funny her bitch ass will come to CT to wrestle an roll around with these broads but not to bang out with ME, but “IM GAY???” She tells me yeah Shel I promise I’ll go there long as it’s on TV blah blah blah... then says something totally different to them. SHE KNOWS SHE LOST. I was promised immediate rematch now she hiding over there in MMA hitting on peoples teachers and mothers. Like I said I respect her grind an hustle an the strides she took to help get us (women) here but she a bitch that’s hiding from the fact that she don’t want to rematch cause I was all up in that ass like a tapeworm.

Pattee Mak: So if it was up to you, you would want a rematch?

Vincent: Still undefeated a course I want the rematch... SHE DID NOT WIN THAT FIGHT... She hiding not me.

Pattee Mak: Let’s get this rematch and I pray that it’s in Connecticut. Please let it be in your back yard.

Pattee Mak: You only fought once this year back in September against Angel Gladney (9-12-1). Why haven’t you been busier?

Vincent: I was in a accident an tried to push myself threw cause I wanted to fight. It caught up to me. I took a few months off an did what I was told for once and now I feel better than ever.

Pattee Mak: OMG!! That’s right… I’m glad that you are back training and fighting and doing what you enjoy doing.

Pattee Mak: You are 38 years old. In a few months you’ll be 39. How long do you want to continue to box?

Vincent: I’m fight a few more fights real soon you’ll be hearing me walk out to “Did It My Way”, my hand will be raised for the last time an the curtains shall close... its very close.

Pattee Mak: :(

Pattee Mak: Now a few years back I remember when you were in another ring, a wrestling ring, for a good cause up in Western Massachusetts. One of your biggest fans, Bob “BEAN” Mancini wants to know if you might want to have a career as a wrestler. You have that standout personality and you can travel the world. WWE take notice.

Vincent: Never know... but I really want to get into commentating. The wrestling might be up my alley too. Thats was such a dope event. I still talk to the family time to time. Awesome great night.

Pattee Mak: Tickets!!! Shelly has tickets! Should they facebook you or how should they get ahold of you?


hit the horn or Shelly Vincent or Shelito Way on facebook: @shelitosway on IG an In then twitter streets

(The above bout is subject to change.)

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