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Ayala Gets TKO’D in Round 7; Green and Chaney gets the UD

[Uncasville, Connecticut] Former middleweight title contender Elvin Ayala of New Haven, CT who hasn’t fought in the New England area since 2015 was the Main Event , 10 rounds with middleweight Vaughn Alexander, the brother of Devon Alexander of St. Louis, MO. Ayala having more experience in the ring. Vaugh fights very straight up and doesn’t move too fast around the ring. Ayala started off the fight picking his punches, trying to open up Vaugh and seeing if Vaugh had any power. At times Ayala keeping Alexander off by the jab and then keeping his left hand low. Alexander has more of the power to the punch. Ayala landing the cleaner shots and shooting with combos. We got a bloody nose on Alexander. It might even be broken. Alexander doesn’t seem phased by it. During round 7 Ayala got caught with a left to the jaw and he went down hard at 1:42. Referee Michael Ortega stopped the bout and Ayala decreased to 30-9-1, 13 kos; and Alexander 11-0, 8 kos.

Co – Main Event: We have two featherweight fighters from New Haven, Connecticut, “The Great Won” Nate Green and Josh “Pretty Boy” Crespo. This will be the 2nd time they are meeting up. The 1st bout was Green’s pro debut and Crespo’s 2nd fight on November 5, 2011. Green ended up winning by UD (36-40; 37-39; 37-39). For this bout, Green started off controlling the bout, while circling around Crespo landing the cleaner shots the fight continued in the same direction up through the end of round 4 when referee Danny Schiavone stopped the bout due to n accidental head butt above Green’s left eye during round 2. The cut didn’t effect Green’s performance. Round 3, Referee Danny Schiavone gave Crespo a point deduction for an illegal blow. It was like a wwe move hitting with his back turned. All 3 judges scored the same in favor of Green by UD. Green increased to 10-0 and Crespo 6-6-3. The fight was scheduled for 8 rounds.

The Heavyweights, 28 year old Cassius Chaney of New London, Connecticut fought a tough fighter, Jon “The Dark Knight” Bolden, 38 years old of Brooklyn, New York. Cassius did not have his usual fro. The bout was scheduled for 6 rounds, within seconds of round 1, Bolden, the Dark Knight came rushing towards Chaney and dropped him to the canvas by a double right hook. Cassius was startled but the round continued. Round 2 Bolden rocked Chaney to the body and referee Danny Schiavone gave Cassius the count. Chaney holding on by clinching. At the end of round 2, Chaney had a burst of energy and Bolden was saved by the bell. Round 3 Bolden getting tired and looked exhausted. Chaney has a cut above his left eye. Round 4 Bolden had a point taken away cause of holding by Schiavone. This could make a difference in the fight and it did. By the 6th Bolden eating a lot of punches. Out of all Chaney’s fights that I have seen, this had to be the toughest fight to date for Chaney. All 3 judges scored the bout 56-55 in favor of Chaney. Chaney pulled it out and increased to 11-0, 5 kos. Bolden 8-12-1, 6 Kos. (Watch this fight if you can).

Promoter: Main Events

Venue: Mohegan Sun

Event: Mohegan Sun's Rising Stars Boxing Series

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