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Williams Retains His WBC UNBC Title In A Chaos Finish at Foxwoods.

Welterweights, Jimmy Williams of New Haven, CT met up against Issouf Kinda from the Bronx, NY. Round 1, Kinda circling around Williams. Both fighters are moving their heads and Kinda keeps landing with a straight left. Their feet keeps tying up. Once fighters engaged and exchange there are no following thru. During round 4 at the 1:26 mark, theres chaos the ring. It appeared that referee Steve Smoger tried to break up the two fighters. Both were throwing while Smoger was in between them. Then I saw Kinda down on the canvas. Kinda’s corner rushed into the ring, words were being expressed by his corner. It was crazy. Some were saying “Protect yourselves at all times”. Otherwise were saying it was when the ref was trying to break the two fighters apart. Williams keeps the WBC USNBC Welterweight title in this whirlwind wind and increases to 14-0-1, 6Kos and Kinda 18-5, 7 kos.

4 Rounds - Lightweights - Jamaine Ortiz of Worcester vs Angel Figueroa of Lorain, Ohio. Figueroa, who didn’t make the weigh in the yesterday arrived earlier today for the bout. Ortiz tight in the pocket, being the aggressor of the too, landing some great right hooks. After 4 rounds all three judges scored the bout 40-36 in favor of Ortiz. Ortiz increases to 5-0, 3 kos.

6 Rounds - Junior welterweights - Cristobal “Bazooka” Marrero of New London, Conn. And Miguel Ortiz of Springfield, Mass were originally scheduled to fight a few months earlier but due to an injury with Ortiz it was rescheduled until tonight. Ortiz dominated the first half of the fight. This was a tough fight for both fighters. During round 5 Marrero landed a left hook behind the ear and Ortiz took a knee. This 10-8 round was a deciding factor in the fight. Ortiz had a cut in the corner of his eye and Marrero a bloody nose. After 6 rounds tough rounds the judges scored the bout 57-56; 57-56 in favor of Marrero and 57-56 in favor of Ortiz. Marrero won by split decision and increased to 5-0, 2 kos and Ortiz 2-1, 1 ko.

4 Rounds – Cruiserweights - Richard “Popeye” Rivera of Hartford, Conn., took on the legend, and 8x UFC veteran Leandro Silva of Sao Paolo, Brazil who was making his debut in the boxing ring. Rivera staring off the rounds going towards Silva throwing haymakers and reaching. Silva keeping his hands up closer to the body than Rivera. Silva got dropped in the 2nd. Silva ended up with a welt underneath his right eye. Popeye doesn’t quit and keeps coming forward. Rivera ended up with a bloody nose. After 4 rounds the judges scored the bout all in favor of Rivera 40-35. Rivera increased to 3-0, 2 kos.

4 Rounds - Super middleweights - Jarel “Sandman” Pemberton, son of Scott Pemberman of Boston making his pro debut had a cheering squad with him met up against Nathan Schulte of Woburn, Mass. Round 1 Pemberton caught him with a nice shoot but Pemberton didn’t know how to finish him as the fight continued it was tight in the pocket. By the 4th both exchanged punches and landed great shots but again each didn’t finish the other off. The 4th was a hard round to judge. All three judges scored the bout 39-37 for Pemberton. Pemberton increased to 1-0 and Schulte 0-3.

4 Rounds – Junior Middleweights - Jose Rivera of Hartford, Connecticut vs Corwin Farmer of North Carolina. Pace picked up in the 2nd with Jose landing a great right hook and he continued with right hooks during the bout. Farmer made Rivera work going to the body/head but didn’t have any power to his punch. By the 4th fireworks ended up in the ring with Farmer having a bloody nose. Judges scored the bout 40-36; 40-36 and 39-37 all in favor of Jose Rivera. Rivera increases to 4-1, 3 Kos.

Non Northeast Bout:

Heavyweights – 6 Rounds Juiseppe Angelo Cusumano a.k.a. "Rocky," vs Robert Dunton of Wilmington, Delaware. It was over in round 1. Cusumano backed up Dunton against the rope and continued on with lefts and rights and Dunton didn’t answer to his punches. The referee stopped the bout at 2:00 and Cusomano wins by TKO.

Venue: Foxwoods Resort Casino

Promoter: CES

TV: Fight Night Live on Facebook

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