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Boxing Weights from “New England Fights” June 17 in Lewiston, ME

Main Event - Middleweights Russell “The Haitian Sensation” Lamour, Jr., Portland, ME 159.9 lbs Bruce “Pretty Boy” Boyington, Brewer, ME 159.8 lbs

Super Middleweights

Jason “The Fighting Fireman” Quirk, Scarborough, ME 166.8 lbs

Borngod Washington, Queens, NY 173.0 lbs

Super Welterweights

Casey “Buzzsaw” Kramlich, Raymond, ME 153.8 lbs

Bryan Goldsby, Macon, GA 151.6 lbs


Cristiano Pedro, Lewiston, ME 199.2 lbs

Nicholas “Crowsneck” Boutin, Portland, ME 198.4 lbs

Photo by Kineo Photography


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