Results from Rivera Promotions "New England's Future 3" from Worc, Mass.

[Worcester, Massachusetts] Main Event: Featherweights - 8 Rounds for the vacant UBF All-American super featherweight title. Irvin Gonzalez of Worcester, headlines at home in his first scheduled eight-round bout, when he took on a tuff opponent, Raul Lopez of Bronx, New York. What a crazy opening round with both fighters not taking any time with letting their hands go. Gonzalez who’s fighting with his left down low until he switches stances and then his right is low. Lopez is capitalizing on it and looks better skilled in the ring, shooting angles well. Round 4 Lopez goes down to the canvas and gets the count but shakes his head at the referee. Fight continues and Gonzalez getting more confident in the ring and fighting his fight. Gonzalez using his reach to keep Lopez at bay. I give Gonzalez a ton of credit for taking this fight. He stepped it up tonight and it showed. After 8 rounds the judges scored this firework main event fight 76-75; 79-73 and 79-73 all in favor of Gonzalez by UD. Gonzalez kept his perfect record and increased to 7-0, 6 kos and the NEW UBF All-American Featherweight Champ.

Co-Main Event: Female Heavyweights 10 Rounds 2 Minutes each for the vacant Universal Boxing Federation (UBF) World title - Sonya "The Scholar" Lamonakis of New York by way of Turners Falls vs. Laura "Lady Ram" Ramsey of Winter Haven, Fl. Lamonakis looking to continuously back up Ramsey against the ropes and release her power on Ramsey. Both fighters showed a ton of heart but in the end it was declared a draw. 95-95 3x.

Heavyweights – 4 Rounds - Bryan Daniels of Worcester, Mass vs. Florida's Christopher "The Archbishop" Boykins. During round 1 Daniels woke up Boykins pretty fast with a left hook to the head and then a flurry of punches. Boykins didn’t do much but held on. Boykins goes down by a right then to the body. Fight continues Boykins goes down twice more. Referee Leo Gerstel stopped the bout at 2:35 and Daniels wins by TKO and increases to 5-0, 3 Kos.

Light Heavyweights – 4 Rounds – Bobby Harris III of Worcester, Mass vs. mma fighter Rodrigo Almedia of Woburn, Mass. Harris brought his fans with him while he made his professional debut against Almedia who was a tough opponent. Almedia tried to get the better of Harris but Harris won the UD. All 3 judges scored the bout 40-36. Harris gets his 1st win at 1-0 and Almedia 1-7.

Welterweight – 6 Rounds - Andy Gonzalez of Worcester, Mass vs. veteran fighter who’ll never pass up a fight, Lino Chaves of Brockton, Mass. Lino walked in the ring like he was a heal wwe fighter. He was ready for business. Slow motion fight with neither fighter wanting to engage unless its one or two punches. Gonzalez came alive in the 6th round. Judges scored the bout 57-57; 58-56; 58-56 all in favor for Lino by majority decision. Gonzalez suffered his 2nd loss and is now 6-2, 5 kos and Lino 8-32-4, 2 kos.

Junior welterweight – 4 Rounds - Wilfredo "El Sucaro" Pagan of Southbridge, Mass vs. Lawrence, Mass Anthony Everett. Pagan was doing some head hunting with a lot of back and forth action. Round 3 had the crowd on their feet. Round 4 was an all our war. Both fighters are going for the knockdown. At one point we thought the ref Paul Casey started counting to Pagan but then changed his mind and called it a slip. Hmmmm. After 4 rounds of excitement the judges scored the bout 38-38; 38-37; and 38-37 for Pagan by majority decision. Pagan increased to 2-0 and Everett decreased to 1-6.

Junior welterweight – 4 Rounds - Adrian "Tonka" Sosa of Worcester, Mass vs Zach Johnson of New York, NY. Sosa scored 2 knock downs within 41 seconds of round 1 and the referee stopped the bout. Sosa increased to 3-0, 3 kos by TKO.

Junior middleweight – 4 Rounds - Derrick "Bad Boy” Whitley of Springfield, Mass vs. Norwalk, Conn veteran Shahka Moore. Moore the veteran in the ring is calm, waiting patiently. Whitley who was the less experienced in the ring landed the better of the punches. There were no knock downs. At times Moore was holding. Judges scored the bout 39-37; 39-37 and 40-36 all for Whitley by UD is now 2-0 and Moore 12-23-3, 2 kos.

Super Middleweight – 4 Rounds - Pro debut of

from Worcester, Mass vs. mma fighter, from Framingham, Mass Saul Almeida. Almeida was giving Sullivan a run for his money. Almeida who never won a fight after 8 bouts came alive tonight on Sullivan. A couple of times Almeida almost had finished Sullivan off but there were no knock downs. The judges scored the bout 39-37 for Almeida; 38-38 and 38-38. This fight is a majority draw. Sullivan’s score 0-0-1 and Almedia 0-8-1.

EVENT: New England's Future 3

PROMOTER: Rivera Promotions Entertainment

VENUE: DCU Center (Exhibition Hall) in Worcester, Massachusetts


Twitter: @RiveraPromoEnt @joseriverachamp @KingRivera