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It’s was Good Night Goode when CASSIUS CHANEY Scored the UD Saturday Night @ Mohegan Sun.

The only boxer on the card from the northeast was 6’6, Cassius Chaney of New London, Connecticut. He stepped in the ring with his usual fro and some fancy trunks. His opponent, Juan “Good Night” Goode of Michigan was the smaller, stockier of the two. The bout went the distance with no knockdowns. Both fighters just didn’t have the punching power to knock either one out. Cassius controlled the bout with the jab and Goode came alive mostly during the last 10 seconds of each bout. Goode was trying to get on the inside since he was the shorter of the 2 fighters. Cassius probably had about 5-8 inches on Goode. During round 3 Cassius’ sole of his sneaker came off and with sum white tape it was all fixed. At times I could hear Boo Boo yelling commands ringside from his seat. After the 6 rounds all 3 judges scored the bout 59-55 in favor of Chaney. Cassius kept his perfect record and increased to 10-0-0, 5 Ko’s and Goode, 8-5-0, 6 kos.

Other none New England bouts:

Meirim Nursultanov of Kazakhstan vs. Javier Olvera of Mexico – Middleweights. Round 1 Olvera goes down. Round 2 referee Danny Schiavone stops the bout at 1:15 of round 2 and Nursutanov wins by TKO.

Enriko Gogokhia of Georgia vs Bryan Goldsby of Georgia – Jr. Middleweights. Gogokhia controlled the bout. Between the 2nd and 3rd round Goldsby retired at the stool. Gogokhia wins by TKO.

Madiyar Ashkeyev of Kazakstan vs. Shawn Cameron of New York – Jr. Middleweights. Cameron had a tough fight in front of him. Ashkeyev ended up with a cut about his right eye. Cameron is one kid with a strong chin. During round 7 Danny Schiavone stopped the bout at 1;06 and Ashkeyev wins by TKO. I’ve seen Cameron in tougher fights, better fights before.

Vaughn Alexander of Missouri vs. Andres Calixto of Mexico. After 10 rounds. Words being exchanged in the ring. No knockdowns with Alexander being a straight up stance fighter. During round 10, referee Danny Schiavone Calixto received a point deduction for holding and hitting for the 3rd time. Judges scored the bout all in favor of Alexander by UD. 99-90; 99-90 and 100-89.

Main Event: Sullivan Barrera of Cuba vs. Paul “Pay Per View” Parker of Ohio – Light Heavyweights. In the 4th round there was an accidental head-butt. Parker needs time to recuperate. In round 5 Barrera lands and Parker goes down and gets the 8 count. As they proceed another accidental head-butt. Barrera goes down for a 2nd time and he’s holding on for his life as he proceeds with a right then follows up with a right Pay Per view gets stopped in the 5th and wins by TKO.

The following bouts didn't happen:

Arif Magomedov vs. Elias Espadas

Kevin Asmat of New Jersey vs. Jonathan Ramos of Mexico – Featherweights

Andres Calixto Rey of Mexico vs. Vaughen Alexander of Missouri – Middleweights

Promoter: Main Events

Venue: Mohegan Sun Ballroom

TV: HBO Latino

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