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Jimmy Williams is the NEW WBC USNBC Welterweight Champ and Zack Ramsey is the NEW New England Lightw

Main Event - 10 Rounds

TITLE: World Boxing Council (WBC) USNBC Welterweight Title

Nick DeLomba of Providence, R.I. vs. Jimmy Williams of New Haven, CT.

Williams has the height advantage. Jimmy wastes no time going for what he wants, that new green belt and setting up DeLomba with the jab and going for that belt. Nick already has a welt under his left eye. Right before the end of round 1 jab, jab, jab and Nick goes down for the count, right to the canvas. Williams is looking great in the ring. This is the best I’ve ever seen of Williams. Round 3 Williams lands a hook on Nick and wobbles him back but didn’t get the knockdown. Round 7 Williams landed right on the button and rocked DeLomba which woke the crowd up. Round 8. DeLomba taking a ton of punishment. I don’t know how he is still standing. Round 10 Nick is digging in deep to the body of Williams trying to knock the crap out of Williams. Williams kept working his jab and was very good at making this his fight.

Judges scored the bout 98-91; 97-92 and 97-92 all in favor of Williams and the NEW WBC USNBC Welterweight Champ. Williams increased to 13-0-1, 5 Kos and DeLomba 11-2, 2 Kos.

Co-Feature – Jr Middleweights – 6 Rounds

Ray Oliveira Jr. of New Bedford, Ma vs. Casey Kramlich of Portland, Maine

Round 2 Oliveira lands to the body and down goes Kramlich. Oliveira continues working his opponent. Kramlich mostly circling around Oliveira. Round 5 picked up the pace. Kramlich hurt Ray with the right. Round 6. Tables are turned. Kramlich is landing and backing up Ray. Ray is in trouble and took a ton of punches. He didn’t keep his hands up. Where was his defense in this round? Judges scored the bout 56-56; 57-56 and 57-56 all for Majority Decision for Kramlich. Kramlich increased to 7-0-1, 3 kos and Oliveira 7-1,1 kos.

Lightweights - 6 Rounds

TITLE: New England Lightweight Title

Skilled Zack Ramsey of Springfield, Massachusetts who had a great amateur career and just got back from camp met up against undefeated Divante Jones of Augusta, Georgia. The first three rounds Ramsey didn’t engage at all. Mostly having defense but not too much engagement. Jones looked comfortable in the ring. Until the fourth round when I heard John Renaud shot from a distance “He aint on your level”, I turned and Zack woke up landed a right and Jones received the count. The fight continued and Zack backed up Jones to the ropes and landed an overhead right. Referee Joey Lupino stopped the bout at .58 into round 4 and the NEW New England Lightweight Champ is Ramsey. Ramsey increased to 8-1- 4 Kos. I heard the commands of John Renaud more than I heard his corner. Zack had a new trainer in his corner. Could this be the new Zack???

Lightweights – 4 Rounds:

Jamaine Ortiz of Worcester, Massachusetts vs Glenn Mitchell of Steubenville, Ohio. This was Mitchell’s 1st loss. Round 3 Mitchell is down 2x in the round. Ortiz clearly out boxed Mitchell. Referee Danny Schiavone stops the bout at 1:13 of round 3. Ortiz advances to 4-0, 3 Kos.

Females – Welterweights – 8 Rounds

Local favorite Aleksandra Magdziak Lopes of Marshfield, Mass. vs. the Mexican Paty Ramirez. Both fighters not heavy hitters, Lopes jabbing, Ramirez moving her head not to get hit. Ramirez trying to locate her distance in the jab. After 8 rounds with no one getting the extra point and Lopes controlling the bout, judges scored the bout 80-72; 80-72 and 79-73 all for Lopes. Lopes advances to 17-4-2, 1 Ko.

Super Middleweight – 6 Rounds

Kendrick Ball Jr. of Worcester, Mass vs. Zachary Christy of Providence, Rhode Island. Christy having good defense as Ball works his jab. Ball has about 6 inches on Christy. Ball keeps going to the body. And Zach to the head. During round 4 Christy was almost down for the count but held in after Ball went to the head. Both fighters looking tired. During round 5, Ball landed a left than and right and drops Christy to the ground the fight continues with Ball landing a left hook and referee Danny Schiavone stopped the bout at 1:19 and Ball won by TKO and advances to 6-0, 3 kos. Christy 1-1-1.

Welterweight – 4 Rounds:

Khiry Todd of Lynn, Massachusetts vs. Adriano Moraes of Florida. Slow fight both fighters picking their punches. Back and forth action. During round 3 Moraes goes to the canvas at 1:53 and Todd wins by KO. Todd increases to 3-0, 3 kos.

Welterweights 4 Rounds:

Marqus Bates of Tauton, Mass got the KO victory at 2:03 of Round 1 when he backed up Arturo Lopes of Marshfield, MA against the ropes. Lopes was swinging very widely and outclassed. Bates increases to 2-1, 2 Kos and Lopes 1-1, 1 Ko.

Junior welterweight – 4 Rounds:

Cristobal Marrero of New London, Conn. vs. Sidney Maccow of New York, New York. Maccow looks great. He’s shooting angles, getting off the rope by twisting his body. Marrero, I thought Maccow squeaked out with the win but I was wrong. Judges scored the bout 38-38; 39-37 and 39-37 for Marrero by majority decision. Marrero increases to 4-0, 2 kos.

Junior welterweight – 4 Rounds:

Jonathan “Smooth” Figueroa of Hartford, Conn. vs. Miguel Ortiz of Springfield, Mass. Round 2 Figueroa was dropped by Ortiz by right hook after 4 rounds of mostly Ortiz controlling the fight. Ortiz wins the bout 39-36; 38-37 and 39-38 all for Ortiz. 413 in the house. Figueroa’s defense wasn’t as tight as I expected. Ortiz increases to 2-0, 1 ko and Figueroa 2-1, 1 ko.

Super Featherweight – 4 Rounds – Pro Debuts:

Ricky Delossantos who had a great amateur career out of Providence, Rhode Island vs. Philip Davis of Worcester, Mass. Round 2 Delossantos lands and Davis drops to his knee, ref Danny Schiavone gives Davis the count. Both fighters were busy during their pro debut with Davis backing up Delossantos with the jab. Great back and forth action. After 4 rounds judges scored the bout 39-36; 39-36 and 39-37 all in favor of Delossantos.

View additional pictures by CLICKING HERE.

Promoter: CES

Venue: Twin River Casino

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