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DeLuca Gets the KO Victory at a Jammed Packed House of Blues.

MAIN EVENT: Jr. Middleweights - 10 Rounds: Mark "Bazooka" DeLuca of Whitman, Massachusetts met up against Travis Scott of Baton Rouge, LA . DuLaca appeared as usual, calm and confident in the ring, backing up Scott while picking his shots. Round 6 both fighters were exchanging words tantalizing each other. Round 7 Dulaca lands and Scott gets the count. In Round 8 DeLuca lands a great kidney shot and Scott takes a knee and at 1:37 of the round, Scott can’t continue and the KO victory goes to DeLuca. DeLuca ended up with a cut under his right eye. During the bout, Scott kept switching stances. DeLuca keeps his perfect record and increases to 18-0, 12 Kos. Scott goes backwards to 19-3, 5 Kos.

Welterweights – 8 Rounds: Both southpaws, Danny O’Connor of Framingham, MA vs Michael McLaughlin of Ireland. Busy 1st round. Pretty competitive back n forth action while both fighters kept it in the center of the ring. O’Connor being more of the experienced fighter controlled the action while fighting on the outside while they circled around each other. During the 6th, fireworks where in the ring with both fighters getting their shots in, exchanging punches. In round 8, 1 point was deducted from McLaughlin for his mouth piece coming out. Ref must have gotten tired picking it up. After 8 rounds and McLaughlin with a bloody nose the judges scored the bout 76-76; 79-72 and 79-72 all in favor for O’Connor. O’Connor increases to 28-3, 10 Kos.

Heavyweights - 8 Rounds: Niall Kennedy of Ireland vs Jesse Barboza of Hyannis, MA Round 2 Kennedy tosses Barboza like it was the WWE. Kennedy the busier of the 2 fighters. Barboza not letting his hands go enough and ended up with a cut near his left eye. After 8 rounds of back n forth head hunting with both fighters coming forward, not too much defense Kennedy lands a right on Barboza and he goes down between the ropes and the ref calls at halt to the fight at 2:12 and Kennedy wins by KO. Barboza goes to 11-4.

Jr. Middleweights - 8 Rounds: Greg Vendetti of Stoneham, MA vs Ayi Bruce (could be the toughest fight for Vendetti) of Albany, NY. I expected a little bit more from Bruce who is the veteran fighter in this bout. Bruce didn’t do anything in round 1. Round 2 Bruce goes down due to a body shot fight continues until Vendetti lands a hook and ref stops the bout at 2:59 of round 2. This wasn’t the Bruce I remember from years back. Vendetti increases 13-2-1, 9 kos.

Welterweights - 4 Rounds: Pro Debut Ray Moylette of Ireland vs. Matt Probin of Lewiston, Maine. In round 1, Moylette opened up on Probin and Probin goes down for the count by an uppercut. Probin who came to fight didn’t have to much pop to his punch. After 4 rounds with Probin ending up with a bloody nose while Moylette kept going for the head the judges scored the bout a UD 39-36; 40-35 and 40-35 all for Moylette. Probin goes to 2-3-1.

Jr. Middleweights - 4 Rounds: Making his pro debut Travis Gambardella of Revere, Ma had a successful night backing up Ricky Ford of Manchester, NH. Gambi had a strong 2nd round. During the bout, Gambi landing the clearer shots in the beginning with Ford coming on strong in the last 2 rounds. After 4 rounds the judges scored it 39-38 for Ford; 38-38; 38-38 the bout was a majority draw.

Promoter: Murphys Boxing

Venue: House of Blues

Date: March 18, 2017


Event: St. Paddy’s Day Pro Boxing

Attendance: PACKED!!!

Other Non-New England Bouts:

Middleweights - 8 Rounds: Gary “Spike” O’Sullivan of Ireland vs Ronald Montez of Columbia. Montez couldn’t take the action and retired in the corner before the beginning of round 4.

Welterweights - 4 Rounds: Paddy Irwin of Ireland vs. Josue Rivera of Philly. After 4 rounds of back n forth action. All 3 Judges scored the bout 39-37 in favor of Irwin.

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